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Doorbell Camera Catches Cheating Husband! Kaylie Kristine's Video Goes Viral on Social Media

Doorbell Camera Cheating Husband: Kristine Kaylie's video went viral on her TikTok account; The video shows footage of the doorbell camera catching her husband cheating on her with a mistress!
Posted On December 22, 2021
Kaylie Kristine: doorbell camera cheating husband

Kaylie Kristine, famous for her TikTok handle, "kaylie271," recently went viral for one of the videos. Kaylie's video featured her (possible ex by now) husband, who cheated on her while she was on a family trip. Well, that's the first time she found out her man was having an affair.

The TikToker's video shows footage of a doorbell camera that catches her husband seeing off his mistress at the door. In fact, after we checked Kaylie Kristine's profile, we found that it was the first video she uploaded on her TikTok account. All videos that she later uploaded seem like she is showing her cheater husband she is doing pretty good without him.

In a Q&A video, Kaylie Kristine, aka Kaylie271, was asked by a fan if she would leave her husband. The TikToker replied, "abso-fuc**ing-lutely!" We suppose it's a no-brainer! She deserves better.

Kaylie said,

"If another woman steals your man, there's no better revenge than letting her keep him."

The viral videos of a husband cheating on his wife with his mistress got millions of views on the platform alone. We were able to get the footage of the doorbell camera. Following the circulation of the video, the fans suggested Kristine leave him! About the incident, Kaylie said,

"He thought the camera was disabled. Well, my husband wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. I caught him on a camera he installed himself."

Following the incident, Kaylie Kristine found a lot of support from the community. One fan commented, "Divorce, babe, divorce!" Another one advised, "Well, ain't that some b.s. sorry you are going through this, but at least you have proof."

Kristine gave us an update; she said her ex-husband apologized to her. But Kaylie said, "Yes, he has been apologizing to me, but I don't think any apology is ever going to be good enough. I don't think I will ever be at a point where I can be like, 'It's Okay!' Because, it wasn't okay!"

Kaylie Kristine is from the States and a mother of two kids. The video that went viral was uploaded in October of 2021. Ever since the video was uploaded on TikTok, Kay has received massive support from the community and praise.

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