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Jensen Ackles is Getting in Shape For His New Role on Amazon Prime's Series "The Boys"

Jensen Ackles showed off his new muscular arms that he has been preparing for the role of Soldier Boy.
Posted On June 6, 2021

Supernatural superstar Jensen Ackles is working hard for his new role as "Soldier Boy." A few weeks earlier, the news was announced, but it seems the actor was working for his role way earlier; we can guess from his all-buffed muscles.

A recent video that surfaced on social media shows Ackles working too hard on his body; the actor is seen pumping iron and showing off some major arm muscles. Supernatural star with his pumped-up body and a bushy beard looked incredible.

In an interview, Jensen jokingly admitted, "These superhero workouts are much different. It was so much easier when all I had to do was wear flannel." However, following the video surfaced, fans of Ackles are losing it over the Supernatural actor's new physique.

Following the flannel joke, the actor posted another video of the same manner and asked for help with his fellow CW actors, Grant Gust [The Flash] and Stephen Amell [The Arrow]. On the caption, tagging both his friends, Ackles wrote,

"Okay [Stephen Amell] [Grant Gust], and all of you Supes out there... I'm beginning to understand the struggle. [sad emoji] Or maybe I'm just too old for this crap."

Obviously, you are not old for this, Ackles; we can see a major improvement there already. Even his fans agree with us. The comment section was filled with compliments.

One fan wrote, "You are the hottest superhero I have ever seen!?"

Another fan wrote, "First, graduation now a Jensen workout clip?? This day is being too generous to me. SECURE THE GAINS, SOLDIER BOY???"

Even Amazon Prime Video UK's official account dropped by to leave a comment. They wrote, "didn't realize today was gonna be the hottest day of the year ?."

Kudos to the actor, and we wish him all the best for his new upcoming project.


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