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Daejhanae Jackson Instagram Deactivated After the Mexico Incident! What Happened in Cabo?

Daejhanae Jackson, from Charlotte, NC has deactivated her Instagram and other social media profiles following the Shanquella Robinson incident in Cabo. Is Daejhanae Jackson a man? No, the alleged aggressor, Daejhanae, was rumored to be male/transgender following a fake photo that surfaced on the internet.
Posted On November 17, 2022
Daejhanae Jackson Instagram

Daejhanae Jackson was one of the friends of Shanquella Robinson. This story goes back to October 2022. A group of friends took a trip to Cabo, Mexico, but sadly, one of them didn't make it home. Shanquella died following "alcohol poisoning" as claimed by her friends.

The latest autopsy report suggests a different story to what Shanquella Robinson's described the incident as. According to the official autopsy report, the 25-year-old Charlotte woman died due to a neck injury. Before the reports came in, a video surfaced on the internet that tells what caused her to hurt her neck.

In the video, a woman is seen beating Shanquella Robinson brutally. As the short leaked clip went viral, people believed the woman beating Robinson was Daejhanae Jackson. The authority are still investigating the incident, and yet to confirm if she was really Daejanae Jackson.

Daejhanae Jackson Instagram is Deactivated!

Following the video that claims Daejhanae Jackson beating Shanquella Robinson went viral, the alleged assaulter has deactivated her account. The netizens were quick to identify the woman in the video, and other friends that were with Robinson when the fight broke out.

The disturbing video shows a woman beating Robinson brutally, while other friends watch and record the whole thing on their phone cameras. People are furious after seeing the videos and think this was a planned "murder." Dajanae Jackson, the alleged aggressor, and other friends have remained silent on the matter.

While one of the friends, a known public figure, Nazeer Wiggins, is believed to be present in the room when Daejhanae beat Robinson. In his video, the Charlotte rapper tried to clear his name, claiming he arrived in Cabo a day later than the incident happened. However, people are not buying.

Who is Daejhanae Jackson?

The alleged aggressor, Daejanae Jackson, is an aspiring healthcare professional, according to her LinkedIn profile. But it seems she has deactivated her LinkedIn profile as well. From what we found from the screenshot people shared on social media, Daejhanae is from Jamestown, North Carolina.

is Daejhanae Jackson a man?Is Daejhanae Jackson a man? No, the alleged aggressor, Daejhanae, was rumored to be male/transgender following a fake photo that surfaced on the internet. From Twitter user.

Some also claim Daejhanae Jackson is a man; The rumors started when one Twitter user shared a picture of Daejhanae's male version photo generated through an app. The user wrote, "that was a dude [Shanquella Robinson] was fighting, not a woman," sharing a picture of Daejhanae Jackson and a fake picture showing her as a male.

As for the alleged aggressor, she completed her education at Winston-Salem State University. Daejhanae's goal is to obtain a full-time position in the healthcare management field, focusing on leadership that requires skill and consistency in work. But if it's true of what people are saying about her, she ain't going anywhere near her goal, for sure.

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