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Kaylee Goncalves Last Post on Instagram was Pictures With Friends! Family Remembers the Alleged Victim of Moscow Homicide

Kaylee Goncalves was one of the victims of Moscow Homicide. The 21-year-old, along with her friends, was found dead in a home outside Idaho University..
Posted On November 15, 2022
Kaylee goncalves instagram

Kaylee Goncalves was one of the four students who were found dead outside Idaho campus on Sunday. The five people, Kaylee, Ethan Chapin, Madison Mogen, and Xana Kernodle, were reported dead in a statement by Moscow PD.

Captain Anthony Dahlinger said all four students were considered victims, not suspects. He added, "we certainly have a crime here, so we are looking for a suspect." Though Capt. Anthony believes there is no ongoing community risk.

Kayle Goncalves and three other victims' bodies were found around noon on Sunday when they arrived at the place of the incident after receiving a report from an unconscious person. By the time police arrived, the four students were already dead.

Following the incident, Moscow Mayor, Art Bettge told in an interview that the incident "appears to be an one-off type; something had occured that resulted in these deaths. There was no robbery, and as for the further threat in the community, I'd say there probably isn't."

Who Was Kaylee Goncalves?

One of the victims, Kaylee Goncalves was a 21-year-old student at Idaho University who was found dead in a home outside campus on Sunday. She was the daughter of Kristi. Kaylee was the middle child out of her five siblings.

Kaylee Goncalves' oldest sister, Alivea Goncalves, said her sister served as the fairness fighter. She was constantly chasing adventure and living her life to the fullest. Alivea said her sister, Kaylee, would do anything she wanted to do. She was always full of energy and enthusiasm.

Kaylee goncalves boyfriendKaylee Goncalves was in a relationship with her boyfriend, Jack DuCoeur. Kaylee Goncalves Instagram.

Kaylee Goncalves' mother, Kristi, also had a great relationship with her daughter. Kristi Goncalves said she had a great bonding with her all of her siblings as well. But she shared a special connection with her oldest sister, Alivea.

Despite there being a 10-year age gap between Alivea and Kaylee, the two were extremely close and almost talked everyday. Alivea revealed she last talked to her sister on Friday in a text.

Kaylee Goncalves' Instagram — She Shared Pictures with Her Friends

Kaylee Goncalves shared a post on November 13, 2022, on her Instagram account with her BFFs. It seems, Kaylee and other victims of the Moscow Homicide, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin were really close.

Regarding her relationship, Kaylee Goncalves' was in a relationship with her boyfriend, Jack DuCoeur. The former couple had been dating since 2019. Apart from her personal life, Kaylee was exactly like what her sister describes her as.

After a quick glance at her social media posts, one could easily guess Kaylee was full of adventure and loved traveling. She is often seen going out with friends and living in the moment.

 Family Mourns the Death of Kaylee

After the official statement came out of Goncalves' death, Kaylee's family took to social media to post heartfelt condolences. Alivea wrote,

"one of the most painful experiences has to be to sum up an entire person in a paragraph. Who they were, what they loved, and what they wanted in life. Our sister can't be packaged up in a box with a neat bow and shame of anyone who would expect that."

Alivea added, "Kaylee was, is, and always be our defender and protector. She is tough and fair. The ultimate middle child. She did absolutely everything she set her mind to, she didn't hold back on love, fights, or life. She was the ultimate go getter and constantly wanted an adventure."

Alivea also requested the friends, families and close friends to refrain from spreading harmful rumors that aren't based in actuality and only rely one the authorities for information at this time. However, the cause of death is still to be known through officials.

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