Single's Inferno Contestant Song Ji A Age, Instagram, Boyfriend and Plastic Surgery Explored!

Song Jia from Single's Inferno, also known as "DearZia," has over 1 million and counting followers on Instagram account.
By Prashasti Vasudevan On December 22, 2021
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Single's Inferno contestant, Song Ji a, is a 25 years old content creator from Seoul, Korea. The South Korean television personality attracted massive attention from her first appearance on the television series through her first-ever show, Single's Inferno, on Netflix. The show's first two episodes were premiered on December 18, 2021.

Song Jia is Korean; while there's a more established Chinese singer of the same name, the person you saw on Netflix's show is not the singer but a content creator. The 25-year-old, during the first episode of Single's Inferno, described herself as "Cute and Sexy." And recently, it seems she has gained massive popularity amongst the netizens.

One of the reasons Song Jia got so much popularity is some fans believe Single Inferno contestant she resembles BLACKPINK's Jennie. The netizens noticed Song has similar sharp features and small faces to their luscious locks. When we compare the pictures side-by-side, it's almost difficult to tell the difference.

Song Jia (FreeZia) Has a YouTube Channel

Song Ji-a, before she made her appearance on Netflix's Single's Inferno, she has been making names of her own. The 25-year-old is a content creator and social media influencer from Seoul, South Korea.

song ji a age
Song Jia Instagram: Single Inferno contestant is a content creator from South Korea.

Song Jia owns a YouTube channel, "FreeZia," and has over 848,000 and counting subscribers on her channel. According to her bio, she started her YouTube channel in August 2019. Within two years, she has established herself as a  successful content creator on the platform.

Song Jia Instagram (DearZia)

Song Jia from Single's Inferno is equally successful on Instagram as well; in fact, she boasts more followers on the photo-sharing platform. The 25-year-old Song Ji-a, also known as "Dear.Zia," has over 1 million followers and counting on Instagram.

Song Ji A Boyfriend / Past Relationship

There is no information available about her past relationship, and she doesn't have a boyfriend either; However, Song Jia has been linked to Cai Xukun in the past. Cai Xukun is a Chinese singer/songwriter from Wenzhou. However, there's not any confirmation of them dating in the past.

Did Song Ji A Have Plastic Surgery?

Some rumors suggest Song Ji A had plastic surgery in the past. Her flawless skin and streamlined facial structure may be why some people think she underwent surgery; In one of the videos on her YouTube channel, Song Ji-a admitted she has had plastic surgery. She went under the knife for her nose job.


  1. Who is Single Inferno Contestant Song Ji A?

    Song Ji-a is a content creator and social media influencer from Seoul, South Korea.

  2. What is Song Ji A Age?

    Song Ji A is 25 years old as of 2021.

  3. Which University Song Ji-A Goes To?

    Song Ji-a is currently pursuing her degree in neuroscience at Hanyang University.

  4. Did Song Ji A Have Plastic Surgery?

    Song Jia admitted she has gone under the knife for a nose job. The 25-year-old expressed she has done one plastic surgery to correct her nose structure, and also shared she uplifted her looks through her makeup skills.

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