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Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Live Action Movie Cast & Release Date

Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" live-action movie is coming out in the Spring of 2024. The production company revealed that the live-action adaptation, "Snow White," will be released after the 86th anniversary of the original animated movie.
Posted On October 19, 2022
snow white and the seven dwarfs live action movie cast and release date

Disney came up with a big announcement a couple weeks ago, the company shared "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs" live action movie is in the making. The production team revealed the movie is likely to be released in the Spring of 2024. However, the movie was announced in October 2016.

The new live adaptation movie, Snow White, is written by Erin Cressida Wilson. The most beautiful part about the whole movie itself is, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul will write the song for the live adaptation movie. Paul and Benj are the musicians who wrote songs for the live action adaptation of Aladdin in 2019.

The classic Disney tale of a "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs" will see slight changes in the characters as Peter Dinklage criticized the production team for repeating "outdated depiction" of the people of short stature. Following the criticism, the company announced that they would approach the characters differently, while also consulting members of the dwarfism community.

Here's the list of cast members for the new Snow White 2024 movie.

Rachel Zegler as Snow White

snow white cast rachel zegler as snow white

Rachel Zegler will be playing the lead role in the new upcoming Disney movie, Snow White, an adaptation of 1937's "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs." This is Rachel's second project with Disney; Zegler played the lead role in "West Side Story" as Maria.

Gal Gadot as Evil Queen

snow white cast gal gadot as evil queen

Gal Gadot, the fan favorite, will play the main antagonist as "Evil Queen." Evil Queen, also known as Wicked Queen, becomes jealous of Snow White because White is the only one who is more beautiful than Queen. Queen tries to poison Snow White after tempting her to eat a poisonous apple, will Snow eat the Apple?

Snow White will be the second movie of Gal Gadot with Disney. In 2019, she was in "Ralph Breaks the Internet." Some reports suggest, it took Gal Gadot 4 hours to wear an old crone's make up while shooting.

Andrew Burnap as Jonathan

The 31-year-old actor, Andrew Burnap, will play the character of "Jonathan" in "Snow White." Andrew is known for his work in television series like "The Good Fight" as Max, "WeCrashed" as Phil, and "Under the Banner of Heaven" as Joseph Smith.

Other Confirmed Cast

The rest of the cast picked for minor roles are Gabriela Garcia as orchard apple picker and finale dancer, and Dean Nolan as Artisan. Leon Ung, Gabriela Garcia, Jon-Scott Clark Kathryn Akin, Candy Ma, Misa Koide, Charlotte Scally and Lukus Alexander will be featured as dancers, while Katie Hardwick will be the character of apple farmer and Joshmaine Joseph will be in the role of Guard Arthur.

Top Suggestions for Other Remaining Cast

Here's the list of actors that fans want for the remaining roles in the upcoming movie.

Dylan O'brien as Prince Florian

snow white cast dylan o'brien as prince florian

Dylan O'Brien is known for his work as Stiles Stilinski on the MTV supernatural drama Teen Wolf. Fans want him to see in the role of Prince Florian.

Zach Galifianakis as Dopey

snow white cast zach galifianakis as sleepy


Dopey in "Snow White" is one of the seven dwarfs. Fans want Zach Galfianakis to play the character of Dopey, one of the significant characters in the film.

Jack Black as Doc

snow white cast jack black as doc

Doc is the leader of the Seven Dwarfs; He is smart, intelligent, and other dwarfs look up to him for guidance. People want to see Jack Black in the role of Doc.

Jonah Hill as Sleepy

snow white cast jonah hill as sleepy

Sleepy is the laziest of the seven dwarfs; for some reason fans think Jonah Hill would be perfect for the role of Sleepy.

Martin Klebba as Grumpy (Confirmed)

snow white cast martin klebba as grumpy

This one is the first! Out of several suggestions, Martin Klebba is picked for the role of Grumpy.

Ricky Gervais as Sneezy

snow white cast ricky gervais as sneezy

As the name suggests, Sneezy is prone to eruptive, unpredictable, and uncontrollable bouts of sneezing. What do you think? Would Ricky Gervais be fit for the role?

Seth Rogen as Happy

The laughing man, Seth Rogen! This role would be perfect for him.

Jimmy Fallon as Bashful

snow white cast jimmy fallon as bashful

Bashful is prone to blushing and hiding behind his beard when feeling embarrassed. We think Jimmy Fallon would be a good choice for the role.

Tom Hardy as Magic Mirror

Since Magic Mirror is all about voice, Tom Hardy will do justice to the role!

Huntsman Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth has already played the role of Huntsman in "The Huntsman: Winter's War," so reprising the character again in this upcoming movie won't be too difficult for him.

Chris Evans as The First King

Fans want Chris Evans to play the role of Snow White's father.

Kaley Cuoco as The First Queen

Kaley Cuoco is a fan favorite to play the role of Snow White's Mother.

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