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Will There Be a "Tangled" Live Action Movie? Here's What Its Cast Would Look Like!

Fans have been waiting for ages for the "Tangled" Live Action Movie. However, Disney hasn't yet confirmed the news. But here's what people want for their favorite characters in the movie.
Posted On October 18, 2022
tangled 2023 cast

Tangled is an animated movie produced by Disney in 2010. The movie revolves around the story of "Rapunzel," a young princess with magical long blonde hair. However, she has been kept isolated from the world by her mother. One day, an intruder takes her out into the world.

Rapunzel, after stepping out for the first time in her life, discovers the true meaning of having a "life," and also finds out who she really is. Though the story is a classic tale, the Disney movie helped us relive our childhood memories. After the release of the first movie, fans have been eagerly awaiting the second part.

Sadly, Tangled 2 never happened, and it seems Disney is in no hurry to make a second part. However, people are wondering if the company waited this long for something big. Some fans theory suggests the production team are planning a live action movie of Tangled.

Well, despite the huge anticipation of fans, Disney is yet silent. And after checking the list of movies and series Disney's been working on for the next few years, we couldn't see "Tangled" on their list. But fans are not losing hope and this is what they think about the characters and whom to cast for the role. Fan casting 101!

Dove Cameron as Rapunzel

tangled cast cameron dove as rapunzel

Out of a hundred suggestions, fans are choosing Dove Cameron as Rapunzel. Dove seems kind of person who will do justice to the role of the princess. However, there are some reports that suggest people also picked Florence Pugh for the role, but we think Dove Cameron will outperform Pugh regarding playing Rapunzel. Also, her blonde hair is spot on!

Idina Menzel as Mother Gothel

tangled 2023 cast idina menzel as the mother gothel

The main antagonist of the tale, Mother Gothel, is a wicked woman who enjoyed youth for hundreds of years through the healing properties of a magical golden flower. When the magical powers of flowers were unintentionally transferred to Rapunzel's hair, she kidnapped the princess and locked her up in a secluded tower. Idina Menzel is the person who can pull this character off well.

Grant Gustin as Flynn Rider

tangled 2023 cast grant gustin as flynn rider

People are divided regarding the role of Flynn Rider. Some are suggesting Flynn Rider for the character, while some are rooting for Fabien Frankel for the cast. We think both are capable for the roles; Gustin has that charming look, while Frankel already flaunts Flynn's like hair.

Mandy Moore as The Queen

tangled 2023 cast mandy moore as the queen

This couldn't be more accurate! Mandy Moore will be the perfect cast for the role of "Queen Arianna," a supporting character. Arianna is the mother of Rapunzel and the wife of King Frederic.

Zachary Levi as Captain of the Guard

tangled cast zachary levi as the captain of the guard

People think Zachary Levi will be perfect for the role of "Captain of the Guard." Captain is the head of Corona Royal Guard and spends much of his time working to make sure the safety of the kingdom.

Hugh Jackman as The King "Frederic"

tangled cast hugh jackman as the king

King Frederic is the King of Corona and father to Rapunzel. Fans want Hugh Jackman to portray the role of The King, which, according to us, is on the spot. There couldn't be any better option than Hugh for the role.

Dwayne Johnson as Vladimir

tangled cast dwayne johnson as vladimir

One of the strongest Pub Thugs, Vladimir, is a supporting character in the movie. Role of Vladimir would best suit Dwayne Johnson as he wouldn't have to work hard to bulk up. Moreover, he is a fan favorite anyways. Seeing The Rock on screen will make people go berserk.

Frank Welker as Pascal

Known for his voice in several animated movies and series, Frank Welker, is people's favorite for playing the character of Pascal, a pet chameleon. Pascal can change colors as a means of camouflage and expression. Pascal also acts as Rapunzel's protector.

Chris and Liam Hemsworth as Stabbington Brothers

tangled cast hemsworth brothers as stabbington brothers

This is too good to be true; Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth playing the characters of Stabbington Brothers is like a dream. However, people want them to play the role of Sideburns and Patchy.

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