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Sonika Vaid is the Youngest Indian-American Real Estate Agent in Buying Beverly Hills

Sonika Vaid is a 27-year-old real estate agent from Weston, MA. She is proud of her Indian ethnicity and of her parents. Vaidya has a net worth of $140,000 as of 2022.
Posted On November 8, 2022
Sonika Vaid ethnicity

Sonika Vaid, one of the cast members of Buying Beverly Hills, and real estate agent at Mauricio Umansky's "The Agency." Vaid is one of the youngest cast members at Umansky's brokerage firm. The 27-year-old is full of talents for sure.

Sonika Vaid from Buying Beverly Hills, despite being the youngest one, has contributed a lot to "The Agency." It won't be too wrong to say, Vaid plays a major role in firms' growth, and that's the reason Umansky and fans of the new Netflix show love her.

Who is Sonika Vaid From Buying Beverly Hills? Her Ethnicity and Parents' Details

Does the name, Sonika Vaid, ring a bell? Well, it means you are a fan of "American Idol," or at least, have watched the show. Indeed, Sonika was a contestant on the singing reality show, she contested in season 15 of American Idol, and reached the top 5 of the competition.

Sonika, who was just 20 at the time she competed on the singing reality show, has seen great success as a singer. The 27-year-old singer/songwriter was born on August 4, 1995, in Weston, Massachussets. Her parents always taught her to embrace Indian culture as they were originally from India.

Sonika Vaid parentsThough Sonika Vaid is of Indian descent, she doesn't have a palate for Indian food! Sonika Vaid's Instagram.

Sonika Vaid, who is of Indian ethnicity, had a passion for singing from the age of three. Or we could say, she loved music overall. She was not just good at singing, but also doing tremendously well at instruments. She learned to play piano at 4.

Sonika Vaid's parents, Kuldip Vaid and Ananya Vaid, have always supported their daughter in every step of her life. After completing her high school, Sonika pursued business and marketing for her higher studies, and also stuck to music and followed her dreams.

In fact, she used to play at a local park near her home, even while she was in college. That's why we see her as an unmatchable talent.

Sonika Vaid Net Worth and Income: How Rich is Buying Beverly Hills Cast? Her Career Highlights

Sonika enjoys two successful careers. She is a singer, and a successful real estate agent. Though she is fairly new to the game of property dealing, she has enormous knowledge in her field, as she learned it from the best. Apart from music, it seems she had a keen interest in design and architecture.

Sonika's father, Kuldip Vaid, was himself involved in property dealing, so she always had this option to be a real estate agent. As things aligned well for the 27-year-old,  she began working for "The Agency" in 2019 as an executive assistant. Later, as she progressed, Vaid was promoted as "Junior Real Estate Agent."

Remember, we mentioned Mauricio Umansky's real estate agency immensely values her? That's because she has helped "The Agency" earn more than $680 million in sales in 2022 alone. Imagine, a junior real estate agent bringing those figures to the company. Moreover, she has her album coming up. Well, seems like there's no fault in the stars!

With immense success as a real estate agent and singer, Sonika Vaid has a net worth of $140,000 as of 2022.

Sonika Vaid on Instagram

The girl who loves her family more than anything, is a star on Instagram. The 27-year-old boasts more than 53,7K followers on her Insta alone. Though she rarely shares posts on her social media, she often shares stories. And all of them are worth watching.

Sonika Vaid Education

The Buying Beverly Hills cast member completed her high school at Weston High School. Later, she joined Boston University to pursue her higher studies in business and marketing. She lists marketing, sales, business strategy, client relations, office administration, real estate, and meeting scheduling as her skills.

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