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Amy Schneider is in a Relationship with Her Girlfriend, Genevieve Davis! Details of Her Love Life in 2022

Amy Schneider has been in a relationship with her girlfriend, Genevieve Davis, since 2020. Genevieve Davis is 25 years old as of 2022, while Amy is 43 this year.
Posted On January 28, 2022
Amy Schneider real name is Thomas E Schneider.

Amy Schneider, born Thomas E Schneider, is an American engineer manager; however, she came into prominence as a game show contestant. Schneider is the second trans woman to compete in the show and the first woman with the highest winning streak on Jeopardy!

Amy claimed her 39th victory on the show, but she lost to Chicago Librarian Rhone Talsma on game 40. Amy Schneider is the second person with the highest winning streak; Ken Jen held the record before Amy. After breaking Ken's record, Amy said,

"It may seem odd looking at my recent scores, but yes, for some reason, I had a feeling [the loss] was coming. Between the grind of taping and the fact that my next milestone (beating Ken Jennings's streak) was still so far away, I could feel that I just didn't quite have the same motivation I'd had up until that point."

With her impressive games and winning, Amy Schneider now has $1,382,800 on her bank account; when asked what she would do with the cash prize, the "Jeopardy!" contestant replied she would buy a house for her girlfriend. Well, that's lovely, but who is her girlfriend? Let's find out.

Amy Schneider is Dating Her Girlfriend, Genevieve Davis

Amy Schneider has been in a relationship with her girlfriend, Genevieve Davis, since 2020. That's one reason Amy is going strong in her life. Talking with Allure, Schneider said it was nice to just get back to my life with Genevieve.

Amy added,

"I'll definitely miss my time on Jeopardy!. The experience of competing on it was the most fun I've ever had. But yes, there is certainly an element of relief as well. One of my first thoughts, after I lost, was, at least I don't have to come up with any more anecdotes!"

After her revelation that she is in a relationship, fans wanted to know more about her girlfriend, Genevieve Davis; However, it seems Genevieve is not a fan of the media spotlight. In fact, Amy even said that anything you read online about her girlfriend is false; they are nothing but clickbait.

But we gathered some information anyway, since it came from a reliable source, thought we might as well share with you!

Who is Genevieve Davis? (Her Age and Career)

As mentioned earlier, this came from a reliable source; Shane O'Neill of the New York Times claims Genevieve Davis is 25 years old as of 2022, while Amy is 43 this year. There seems to be a huge age gap between them, but as we all know, love sees no boundaries; the two are doing great in their relationship so far.

Amy Schneider and her girlfriend, Genevieve Davis.Amy Schneider has been in a relationship with her girlfriend, Genevieve Davis, since 2020. (Carolyn Fong for NYT)

As the article continued, we discovered that Amy Schneider's girlfriend, Genevieve Davis, works as a nanny. Just recently, Jeopardy's contestant revealed they met through mutual friends. Reportedly, Genevieve is Amy's friend's boyfriend's sister.

Amy Schneider is Protective of Her Girlfriend!

Genevieve Davis doesn't like the media spotlight, that's for sure by now. Recently, Amy defended her girlfriend and called out all the fake online media who posted false news about her.

In her Twitter thread, Amy tweeted,

"And of course, most of all, I want to thank Genevieve. When we started dating, she knew I would be on Jeopardy, but she really didn't know what that meant. She'd never watched the show, so even once I started winning, she didn't really understand how big this was all going to get."

Schneider continued,

"She's had to put up with a lot during this: first, being apart from me for five separate trips to LA. Then, once the episodes started airing, she's had to deal with my spending a ton of time on social media and doing media interviews. Moreover, she's had to put up with the internet's speculations about her, there's a bunch of clickbait articles out there claiming to have information on her (they all appear to be completely fabricated, but it's still unpleasant for her, she's never had a desire to be famous)"

Lastly, she added,

"But through all that, she's never hesitated in supporting me as I chase my dream. I would never have made it through taping without knowing that I'd fly back home to see her afterward, and that, while she hoped I won, she would feel the same about me whether I won 0 games or 100."

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