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Who is Heather Watson Boyfriend in 2021? Everything You Should Know About Guernsey Player's Relationship

Heather Watson, the 29-year-old tennis player from the United Kingdom, is deeply in love with her beau... Who is the lucky one?
Posted On July 1, 2021
heather watson boyfriend in 2021

Heather Watson is a professional British tennis player Guernsey. Born to her parents Ian Watson and Michelle Watson, she started playing tennis at the age of seven. It seems she was destined to be a tennis player.

The former No.1 British professional tennis player, Heather Watson, is all the rage right now, at least for the British fans. UK people had high hopes for the 29-year-old, but she was recently knocked out in the first round.

Heather was knocked out of Wimbledon in the first round, losing against Kristie Ahn. Watson talked with the ITV following the match, during which she said,

"I’m really disappointed with the match today. I felt like I had so many chances, I just didn’t convert any of them. Even in the third set, I didn’t return well, I made loads of unforced errors and I didn’t back myself in the big moments."

Well, it was certainly discomforting for the British fans to see their player lose against the American tennis player, but it seems, despite her losing the match, she won some overseas fans.

Call it a "Heather's charm," people have been miraculously curious about the Guernsey player's relationship. So, to answer all that, we are here. Let's find out if Heather Watson has a boyfriend.

Who is Heather Watson Boyfriend in 2021?

Sorry people, but Heather Watson is already off the market. The 29-year-old Guernsey athlete is already in a relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Courtney Duffus.

heather watson boyfriend in 2021 courtney duffusHeather Watson is in a relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Courtney Duffus. The couple is dating since 2021. Courtney is a professional soccer player for Bromley.

Heather Watson and her boyfriend, Courtney Duffus, made their relationship public back in October of 2020. The WTA star took to her social media to announce her romance with Duffus.

After stalking the couple's social media profile for a while, we came to know the pair spent time together during the Coronavirus pandemic. And like every couple on social media, they even made TikTok interesting, that is!

Who is Heather Watson Boyfriend, Courtney Duffus?

Heather Watson's boyfriend, Courtney Duffus, is an athlete as well. The 25-year-old is a soccer player for the Irish national team as a striker. The forward for Bromley played U21 soccer as well.

The six-feet-two soccer player has played for several English clubs before joining Bromley. To name a few, the 25-year-old joined Everton FC in 2021, then Bury in 2014, and Oldham Athletic in 2017.

How Did Heather Watson and Courtney Duffus Meet?

Some reports claim Heather Watson and her boyfriend, Courtney Duffus, met at a restaurant during the weekend of the 2019 Wimbledon finals. The Women in Tennis Blog claims the tennis player was with her fellow athlete Naomy Broady.

It also seems Heather was not really fond of a soccer player; she even admitted when Duffus offered her a drink and learned he is a soccer player, the WTA star was sure she would not date him.

"For sure, I’m not going to date him," Heather said to herself!

But it seems fate had a different plan for the two as they are together for more than two years, despite the age gap between them.

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