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JoJo Boyfriend in 2021: The American Singer is Dating an Actor! Find Out Everything About Her Relationship

JoJo is dating her new boyfriend, Dexter Darden. It is assumed that the couple has been dating for almost a year or two now.
Posted On November 28, 2021
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Joanna Noelle Levesque, aka JoJo, is an American singer, songwriter and actress from Brattleboro, Vermont. JoJo is one of those singers who found success as a teen; she was already a pop sensation when she was just 13 when she released her debut single "Leave (Get Out)" in 2004.

JoJo waited almost four years to release her first album despite the huge success with her debut single. The 30-year-old singer came out with her sophomore album "The High Road" in 2008. Things were going great for the singer, but before she could release her third L.P., she started facing problems with the record label she was working with.

The legal battle with her former record label almost ended her career as it lasted for long seven years; however, Atlantic Records came to the rescue. JoJo released her album "Mad Love" with the records, and she hasn't looked back since. In 2016, talking with the "Rolling Stone," JoJo said,

"I got on a cycle of not loving myself and not believing that I really had a future. My only hope is that he’s looking down [JoJo's late father], thinking, 'Oh, my God, my daughter is doing it now.' Our connection was always about music."

JoJo added,

"It's nerve-racking but very, very exciting. I'm really grateful to be able to move on with my life and career and get a chance that a lot of people who have been through similar things wouldn't get. I'm taking it day by day and allowing my fans to give me the life that they give me. I'm having fun with it."

In 2021, things look brighter for the 30-year-old singer. Most importantly, she is in love. So, who is JoJo's boyfriend in 2021? Let's find out.

JoJo Boyfriend in 2021

JoJo is in love! The 30-year-old singer/songwriter is in a relationship with her new boyfriend, Dexter Darden. The couple went public about her relationship with Dexter recently on her Instagram. There was no official announcement, but we know when it's love, right? Well, the couple has admitted they are in a relationship, too.

jojo boyfriend singer dexter dardenSinger JoJo is dating her boyfriend, Dexter Darden, in 2021. It is assumed the couple has been together for almost a year or two now. (Dexter Darden's Instagram)

Though the couple only recently started uploading pictures of each other' on social profiles, it is assumed Dexter Darden and JoJo are dating for at least a year, or two. Both have met each others' parents, so it's quite obvious the two have been dating for a while now.

The first time Dexter Darden uploaded his girlfriend's picture was on October 1, 2021. He uploaded a series of pictures of JoJo, and in the caption, he wrote,

"The Bravest Artist I know on the planet just dropped her E.P and it’s available everywhere. Usually I say it’s The Thought that counts, but try not to think about it and just go ahead and BUY this one!"

Dexter added,

" 'Trying Not To Think About It' is a project that is Vulnerable, Honest, Motivational, Emotional, and most importantly True! So many people Battle with their Brain, and are afraid to express when they feel like they’re loosing this battle. You guys are NOT ALONE! ? [JoJo] thank you for not only creating a Piece of Art, but for also encouraging others to talk about the state of their mental health! You using music as a gateway for healthy Conversation is truly inspiring, and I’m so grateful I got to support you through this thing from beginning to end!!!"

Who is JoJo's Boyfriend, Dexter Darden?

JoJo's boyfriend, Dexter Darden, is an actor. The 30-year-old actor is best known for his role as "Walter Hill" Joyful Noise. Some of the notable works of Dexter include "The Binge," "Maze Runner" series, "and many more. JoJo's boyfriend is an accomplished actor, to say the least.

While you already know so much about Dexter, many of you should know that he is spiritual and likes to call himself an empath. If you visit his social media posts, you can easily see him talking about "unconditional love," "self-care," "helping others," and "motivation."

In one of the posts, JoJo's boyfriend wrote,

"Don’t get so caught up with 'TAKING SOME TIME' that you forget to start 'TAKING SOME ACTION.'"

That was just to give a glimpse of how JoJo's boyfriend, Dexter Darden, thinks and motivates his fans!

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