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Josh and Kayla From Queer Eye are No Longer Together! They are "Just Friends" Now in 2022

Josh and Kayla from Queer Eye: In a recently uploaded picture on her Instagram, Kayla seemed to be enjoying Josh's company, but she referred to him as "just friend."
Posted On January 11, 2022
Josh and Kayla Queer Eye

Josh and Kayla are the cast of Queer Eye, a Netflix series that originally premiered on February 7, 2018, starring Fab Five, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Bobby Berk and Jonathan van Ness. The show is renewed for its sixth season, and this time the Fab Five went to Lone Star State.

The series has been nominated and won several awards. The show represents the LGBT community and includes people of color. The queer eye has successfully its season five and is back with the sixth installment.

The recently renewed show is all about five professional who gives their best to turn around the life of people they come across. The Fab Five help the participants change their lifestyle in all possible ways. One of the participants who won the hearts of people was Josh Eilers.

Who is Josh Eilers on Queer Eye?

A cowboy by nature, Josh Eilers (Instagram: @bcorange) is a 32-year-old from Austin, Texas, who appeared on Netflix Queer Eye season 6. Josh's episode, "No More Bull EP. 3," helped us understand and know him better. In fact, he won a compliment from one of the Fab Five, Tan France, that he sounds exactly like Matthew McConaughey in the first meet.

Later in the episode, as the Fab Five dived deeper into Josh Eilers' life, they found that he works at a company that produces one of the best wagyu meat, "Ranger Cattle." Moreover, he sees over the overall operation of the company, too.

Josh has gained a huge fan following; people loved his performance and personality on the show. He has done an amazing job by simply showing his realness and sincere commitment towards the show.

Who is Kayla Chance on Queer Eye?

Kayla Chance was introduced on the show as Josh Eilers' ex-girlfriend. The former couple dated for a while, and later, Kayla called their relationship off after finding Josh was not completely honest in their relationship. Kayla explained that she used to date him, but they broke up because Josh was dishonest and couldn't take care of himself.

are josh and kayla together queer eyeJosh and Kayla Queer Eye: The former couple is not dating anymore. Kayla's recent post on her Instagram suggests they are just friends now. (Kayla Chance Instagram)

Kayla, who is a luxury travel advisor by profession, wanted to give Josh a second chance in their relationship as Josh admitted and apologized for "misleading her and not treating her right." Kayla Chance seemed excited to be a part of his life's next chapter; however, it seems their spark wasn't enough to rekindle the romance.

Are Josh and Kayla from Queer Eye Together?

It seems Josh and Kayla have moved on with their life, and aren't together anymore. After the show, more precisely Josh's episode, fans were shipping Kayla and Josh and wanted them to be together as Josh seemed a changed man as the show.

While we all have been looking for answers if Josh and Kayla are still together, Kayla Chance's recent post says otherwise. In a recently uploaded picture, Kayla seemed to be enjoying Josh's company, but she referred to him as "friend."

In the caption, Kayla Chance wrote, "Thank you to everyone who has reached out and watched our episode of [Queer Eye]! It was a blessing to be part of the Austin season with my friend Josh and I’ll forever be grateful for this experience. ?"

It's clear; the former couple didn't date and stayed as friends after the show.

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