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Sam Ponder & Her Husband Christian Ponder Have Special Ways to Go on a Staycation! Facts About Their Relationship in 2022

Sam Ponder and her husband, Christian Ponder, tied the knots in 2012. The couple shares three kids, Bowden Sainte-Claire "Scout," Robinson True and Price Anne-Drew.
Posted On January 9, 2022
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Samantha Steele Ponder, aka Sam Ponder, is an American newscaster known for hosting Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN. Before working on ESPN, she worked as a host for ESPN college football and a basketball sideline reporter. Sam, born on December 11, 1985, in Phoenix, AZ, completed her college studies at "The King's College."

Well, since everybody seems to be a fan of Sam Ponder, she already has her favorite man. Samantha is married to her husband, Christian Ponder. The couple dated for a while and tied the knots on December 17, 2012. However, there are two recorded dates for their marriage! So, which one is the real one?

According to the reports, Samantha and Ponder walked down the aisle on April 13, 2013, a few months after their first marriage date. So, here's what happened, the couple originally married in 2012 but renewed their vows in April 2013; When asked why the double marriages, the couple replied they wanted a grand ceremony. However, they couldn't do it the first time because of their busy schedule.

As we know now, the couple has their creative ways to keep the romance exciting and alive; Sam Ponder and her husband are parents to their three amazing kids. And with those responsibilities, they are still finding ways to go on vacation; how do they do it?

How Sam Ponder and Her Husband Manage to Go on a Vacation?

Sam Ponder and her husband officially tied the knots in 2013, the following year the couple welcomed their first baby, Bowden Sainte-Claire. The couple welcomed their second child, "Robinson True, in 2017, and the following year Samantha Ponder and Christian Ponder welcomed their third kid, Price Anne-Drew in 2018.

It seems the couple is quite occupied with their life and career, and hardly finds any time to go on a vacation or holidays. However, Sam Ponder and her husband, Christian Ponder, know how to take some time off from the responsibility and go on a staycation.

sam ponder kidsSam Ponder Kids: Sam and her husband, Christian Ponder, share three kids, Bowden Sainte-Claire "Scout," Robinson True and Price Anne-Drew. (Sam Ponder Instagram)

ISam has advice for people. Just recently, the ESPN newscaster took to her Instagram profile to upload a photo of her and Christian on a holiday. In the caption she wrote,

"Highly recommend turning the kids over to grandma and grandpa for a staycation. Highly recommend Christian Ponder. ❤️ See y’all tomorrow morning on Countdown… special start time 9AM ET as we lead in to the CFB playoff show! ??"

Just in case, if you want to go on a vacation without the kids!

Christian Ponder Loves His Kids, Tho

Just like Samantha Ponder, her husband is quite busy in his schedule and hardly finds time to spend with his family. The former American football quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings is enjoying his retired life by helping people in need. Ponder is actively working for the community, and is often seen doing charity work.

But if he gets free time from his charity work, and supporting local businesses, Christian loves to go out with his kids and wife. Be it Sunday dinner, or fishing, CP is always there for their kids. On June, the father of three uploaded a series of pictures of their kids and wife from their family trip.

Christian also teaches their children the basics of football when they run out of things to do! Such a creative father he is. Moreover, the 33-year-old doesn't miss his kids birthday. In June, Sam Ponder's husband took to Instagram to wish their son, True, a happy birthday.

In the caption, CP wrote,

"I cannot believe our Truey is 4 years old today. Sam and I have tears rolling down our faces looking back at all of his old pictures. Time FLIES and we all too often take for granted the smallest of moments yet these are the ones we cherish the most."

Christian added,

"We are so grateful for True because he reminds us daily of those things that are true, noble, pure, lovely, and admirable. He is the epitome of joy and anyone who has every been around him always walks away feeling more loved. I wish I were more like him. Happy birthday True!"

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