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Kimberley Martin Husband, Jeffrey Roberts, is Not Active on Social Media Platforms! Find Out More About Their Married Life in 2022

Kimberley Martin and her husband, Jeffrey Roberts, tied the knots in 2014; the couple has been married for more than seven years now but still doesn't share kids.
Posted On January 5, 2022
kimberley martin husband jeffrey roberts

Award-winning Journalist, Kimberley Martin, is known for her stint as an NFL journalist for ESPN. The 37-year-old previously worked for “The Buffalo News” as a sports columnist and columnist for “The Washington Post.” However, her passion for football drove her to success as a journalist.

As an NFL reporter, Kimberley A. Martin has covered the NFL as a national writer and team beat reporter for more than ten years now. The 37-year-old started her job at ESPN in 2020 and is known for covering the league year-round, contributing to Sunday NFL Countdown, Fantasy Football Now, NFL Live, Get Up, and many more.

Before she joined ESPN, Kimberley Martin used to work at Yahoo Sports, where she served as a senior NFL writer. The 37-year-old dedicated her two-year time working at Yahoo and conducted regular on-camera sit-downs with league executives and players.

It’s not just football Kimberley Martin fancies; she is known for covering a variety of sports throughout her career, including MLB and NASCAR. In fact, Kimberley’s sports journalism began in her college days, and she was a staff writer for “The Daily Orange School” newspaper at Syracuse University.

According to the reports, Kimberley Martin graduated from Wesleyan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and African-American Studies. Furthermore, the 37-year-old earned her master’s degree in magazine, newspaper, and online journalism from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication at Syracuse.

Personal Life: Kimberley Martin is Married to Her Husband, Jeffrey Roberts

Kimberley Martin is married to her husband, Jeffrey Roberts. The couple tied the knots on July 3, 2014. Kimberley and her husband’s marriage ceremony was held privately, and only a few family members and close friends were invited to the wedding.

kimberley martin husband 2022Kimberley Martin and her husband, Jeffrey Roberts, tied the knots in 2014; the couple has been married for more than seven years now but still doesn’t share kids. (Kimberley Martin Instagram)

Since Kimberley Martin’s husband, Jeff, doesn’t like to be active on social media, many fans assume her husband is older than her. However, that’s not the sole reason; Roberts’ look also contributed to the fans’ doubt. Jeffrey Roberts’ grey hair and his personality of not being too tech-savvy had fans think he is older than his wife, but some reports suggest the age gap is not as big as people anticipated.

Though it’s still unconfirmed, some reports suggest Kimberley Martin’s husband is around 42 years old as of 2022.

Kimberley Martin and Jeffrey Roberts’ Kids

Kimberley Martin and her husband, Jeffrey Roberts, tied the knots in 2014; the couple has been married for more than seven years now but still doesn’t share kids. Multiple reports suggest the couple is not yet ready for the kids as they both are focusing on their careers.

It’s not like the couple doesn’t like children; in fact, Kimberley Martin loves children and would love to recreate the life her mother gave her. The 37-year-old journalist loves her mother and thinks she is the source of her inspiration.

In May 2021, Kimberley Martin shared a series of pictures of her and her mother, Camille Martin, on Mother’s day to tell the world what a role model she is for her. In the caption, Martin wrote,

“Sending virtual hugs ? to Camillebear and all the other moms who do the heavy lifting no one sees and who spend their days being heroes without capes ❤️❤️❤️ #HappyMothersDay.”

Why Do People Hate Kimberley Martin For Marrying Jeffrey Roberts?

Maybe, this is one of the reasons why Jeffrey Roberts prefers to be out of social media platforms. Some people, and it’s marginal, bashed Kimberley for marrying Roberts. The reason, he is white!

Kimberley has always been pro-black and supported her community throughout her career. However, some people think “she is a sellout trying to act like she is pro-black, and using that to get ahead.” We suppose love is love, and it doesn’t see colors, and the people who bashed her for marrying an interracial man, well, they are best ignored!

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