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Laura Coates Husband: CNN's Senior Legal Analyst is Reportedly Single in 2022!

Laura Coates, 41, was married to her ex-husband, Dale Gordon. The senior legal analyst for CNN shares two children with her former spouse.
Posted On January 22, 2022
laura coates husband and children

Laura Coates is the senior legal analyst for CNN and attorney. The 41-year-old Urban View host is also an author. Laura published her first book, "You Have the Right: A Constitution Guide to Policing the Police," in 2016 and recently came with her second, "Just Pursuit: A Black Prosecutor's Fight for Fairness."

Apart from her television career, Laura Coates also works as an adjunct law professor at the Washington University of Law. The 41-year-old legal analyst completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and received her J.D. from the University of Minnesota Law School.

We wouldn't say she likes to keep a low profile because no matter how hard they try, people somehow find out about the personal life of their favorite celebrity or a television personality. Laura Coates is no different, and she often updates her fans on social media, too. However, she never mentions her husband!

What Happened to Laura Coates and Her Husband? (Laura Coates Divorce)

Laura Coates was reportedly married to her husband, Dale Gordon. They tied the knots in July 2014. However, it seems the former couple has parted ways. All of Laura Coates' husband's photos from her Instagram have been removed, implying they are not married anymore.

While some media outlets insist Laura is married still married to Dale Gordon after her tweet in 2020. The tweet read,

"My husband just asked me who 'Sussudio' is...? Apparently, he missed all of the '80s soooo... I'll obviously need to put together a presentation to explain it all. Any suggestions on what else to include? ?"

But following the tweet, Laura has never mentioned her husband again!

Laura Coates' Children

Laura Coates shares two children with her former husband, Dale Gordon. CNN's senior legal analyst is the mother of a son and a daughter. According to the reports, her daughter's name is Sydney, but her son's name is still under the wrap.

laura coates husband photosLaura Coates' husband, Dale Gordon, and their two children.

From what we saw, CNN's legal analyst is a proud mother. There was a time when she broke into tears after her daughter, Sydney, complained about her skin color. In 2018, Laura talked about her daughter's issue on SiriusXM's Urban View talk show. During the show, the 41-year-old said,

"It was so devastating to hear my daughter tell me this morning that she just didn't like the way she looked. It broke my heart." Laura added, "If anyone has any suggestion for me about what I can do to make my daughter feel what I know she is — because dropping her off at school this morning almost killed me."

It proves she is a great mother and always tries her best to be the best for her children, and would go to any extent to make her them feel better about themselves.

Who is Laura Coates' Alleged Ex-Husband, Dale Gordon?

Some believe the name is a complete hoax, and Laura Coates' was never married to a man named Dale Gordon. His identity has been the biggest mystery so far, as CNN's senior legal analyst has never revealed her husband's name. All we can say for now is even though Laura Coates was married to Dale Gordon, she is single as of 2022.

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