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Michael Oher Wife in 2021: The Former NFL Player is Married to Tiffany Oher! Learn More About His Wife and Kids!

Michael Oher is married to his wife, Tiffany Oher (nee Michelle Joy). The couple shares a kid and is working together on multiple projects.
Posted On December 13, 2021
michael oher wife in 2021 (Michael Oher Kids)

Michael Oher is a former NFL player known for his stint as an offensive tackle with Baltimore Ravens. The 35-year-old also played college football for the Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers. THere's a book, The Blind Side: Evolution of Game, and an Academy Award-winning movie, "The Blind Side," featuring Oher's life story.

Oher started his professional career in 2009; The Baltimore Ravens drafted Michael as one of the top prospects; Ravens drafted Oher with the 23rd pick in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft. The 35-year-old signed a five-year, $13.8 million contract with the team the same year.

In 2014, Tennesse Titans singed Michael Oher for a whopping $20 million for four years. However, the following year the 35-year-old was released by the team as he missed multiple games following a toe injury.

In 2015, Carolina Panthers signed Oher with a 2-year, $7 million contract; The following year, the Panthers extended the contract with three more years and $21.6 million with $9.5 million guaranteed. In 2017, sadly, the 35-year-old was released by the team after failed physical.

Michael Oher saw quite ups and downs in his career, but throughout this time, his wife was his rock and never left his sight and always helped him overcome the hardship they were going through. While there are plenty of tales about how he managed to tackle his problems with the help of his wife, still no one knows who Mrs. Oher is?

Michael Oher is Married to His Wife, Tiffany Oher

We must admit, Michael Oher doesn't like his personal life to be discussed on social media, so much so that people assume he is still single. However, that's not true; Michael Oher is married to his wife, Tifanny Oher (nee Michelle Roy). According to the reports, the has been married for some years now.

Some rumors suggested that Oher and his wife divorced following "drunken controversy." A lawsuit was filed against him after the 35-year-old allegedly assaulted a cab driver. The cab driver, Girma Berkessa, filed a lawsuit and demanded $500,000.

michael oher wife tiffany oher (Michael Oher Kids)Michael Oher married his wife, Tiffany Oher. The couple shares a daughter.

While no one knows what happened to that case, what came out after the incident was that Michael had some serious trust issues with his wife, he asked the cab driver to follow the car his wife was traveling; after the driver refused, Michael resorted to assaulting him, the report suggests. Well, we hope it's resolved now, whatever was going between Oher and his wife.

Who is Michael Oher Wife, Tiffany Oher?

Michael Oher's wife, Tiffany Oher, is an entrepreneur. Born Tiffany Michelle Roy, the 38-year-old, runs the "Beating the Odds Foundation," with her husband. According to the website, the company was founded to "help America's youth achieve success by empowering them to live meaningful, purposeful lives as caring human beings and builders of caring communities."

Tifanny Oher is also coming up with a clothing line of her own. The company named "Feminish Collection" was founded to "share the equal rights of women. It is a collection of movements when defining one's beautiful self."

What is Michael Oher Doing Now?

Michael Oher is busier than ever since his retirement from the NFL. While he had his fair share of controversies, the 35-year-old is doing pretty well in his life and community. As we all know, Michael Oher is busy helping his wife on her projects; the former NFL player has also started his foundation.

Michael Oher started "The Oher Foundation" shares a similar vision with "Beating the Odds; according to the company profile, Oher Foundation's goal is to "provide individuals, both disadvantaged and in need, with empowering opportunities that enrich their lives, and provide a mechanism for higher education and healthy living."

What's Up with Michael Oher and Tabitha Soren? Is She Her Ex-Wife?

While we rely on the internet for almost all information, it can sometimes be confusing with false information. The rumors have it, Tabitha Soren is/was married to Michael Oher, but that's not true at all. They are just friends; they were photographed together at one of the events.

Following the photograph surfaced on the internet, as Michael Oher never really speaks publicly about his relationship, wife, and kids, people assumed Tabitha Soren was his wife. But, as you already know, they are not married!

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