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Meet Morgan Wallen's Girlfriend, Paige Lorenze: 5 Facts You Should Know About Her in 2022!

Morgan Wallen is dating his new girlfriend, Paige Lorenze. The couple was first romantically linked in the Summer of 2021. Paige is a freelance digital content creator, entrepreneur, and lifestyle model.
Posted On February 18, 2022
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The Country music singer and songwriter Morgan Wallen announced he is dating his new girlfriend, Paige Lorenze. The couple recently went Instagram official and has been on the headlines ever since. The announcement of their relationship came while Morgan was on his "Dangerous Tour."

Rather than Morgan, his girlfriend was the first to go Instagram official. When Wallen was backstage after the show, Paige Lorenze shared a picture with her beau on her Insta story, and to reveal they are dating, she wrote, "I love you! and so proud of you, [Morgan Wallen]."

But Morgan Wallen has remained pretty much shush about his relationship; he hasn't updated pictures with Paige Lorenze as much she has on her Instagram. Since the news is out, we were eager to know more about her, and here's what we know about Morgan Wallen's girlfriend, Paige Lorenze.

Who is Morgan Wallen New Girlfriend, Paige Lorenze?

Morgan Wallen's new girlfriend, Paige Lorenze, is an entrepreneur and social media influencer with over 321K followers on her Instagram. A glance at her social media profiles will tell you she is the founder of Dairy Girls' Summer, a lifestyle brand to support the New England Farmers' Union.

As per the profile, Dairy Girl Summer will donate $2 from each order to "the New England Farmers Union, which works to protect family farmers' economic well-being and quality of life."

Paige Lorenze is a Former Ski Racer

Paige Lorenze is a former athlete; she is a retired ski racer. According to the reports and her athlete's profile, Paige attended Burke Mountain Academy to learn the skills in Vermont. She started her skiing journey in 2012 and competed in Alpine Ski Racing. Lorenze retired after FIS competitions of season 2016.

morgan wallen new girlfriend paige lorenzeMorgan Wallen and his new girlfriend, Paige Lorenze, have been in a relationship for over a year now. The couple recently went Instagram official. (Paige's Instagram)

Paige Lorenze and Morgan Wallen's Age Difference

Morgan Wallen was born on May 13, 1993, which makes him 28 years old as of 2022, while Paige Lorenze, on the other hand, was born on January 26, 1998, and is just 24 years old now. The age difference is only four years between them.

According to the reports, Morgan Wallen and his new girlfriend have been in a relationship for over a year now. The couple was romantically linked in the summer of 2021, while they remained silent about their relationship until recently.

Paige Lorenze Worked as Lifestyle Model at STATE Management

Paige completed her Media and Design Studies from Parsons School of Design - The New School in 2021; While she was still at the college, she worked as a lifestyle model at the STATE Management for almost two years and social media manager at Anti Algorithm Company as an intern for three months.

After her graduation and ski racer career, Paige has embarked on the creative field; Morgan Wallen's girlfriend works at 2PEONIES as a Guest Editor and freelance digital content creator. Her business model is to work in paid partnerships with brands and companies via her personal Instagram account and YouTube channel.

Paige's Parents Have an Impressive Career!

As per the reports, Paige Lorenze comes from a well-off family. Talking about her parents, Paige's father, Dr. Mark Lorenze, is an orthopedic surgeon in Essex, Connecticut, and he is also the Middlesex Hospital Board of Governors. While Lorenze's mother, Nancy Phillips Lorenze, is an entrepreneur and owns a company called S&N Styles in Connecticut.

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