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Phoebe Robinson Boyfriend 2021: The Love For British Things is Never Fading for the NY Times Best-Selling Writer, Unravel Everything Here!

A bit of confused with the title? Don't worry it will all make sense in a while.
Posted On July 16, 2021
phoebe robinson boyfriend 2021 luke downs aka british baekoff

Phoebe Robinson, probably one of the best comedians the Americans have, is also an actress and New York Times best-selling writer. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, the 36-year-old graduated from Pratt Institute.

Coming to Phoebe's writing, the comedian is known for her best-sellers like "You Can't Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain," "Everything's Trash, But It's Okay," and "Please Don't Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes."

Phoebe's work, how to put it, we know her writing pieces are hysterically funny, but sometimes are capable of evoking rage in you too. She has an amazing way of telling stories, and fun is always guaranteed.

Since we are not here to talk about her work rather about her personal life, we almost forgot to ask, do you know who Phoebe Robinson boyfriend is? Don't worry; we will tell you everything.

Who is Phoebe Robinson Boyfriend in 2021? Is She Dating Someone?

The answer is, indeed, yes. The "You Can't Touch My Hair" writer is in a relationship with her longtime boyfriend, whom she refers to as "British Baekoff." The comedian likes and knows how to keep you wondering, so she never told you her bf's name.

But since it's the internet, nothing really stays hidden for too long, and finally, we got Phoebe Robinson boyfriend name. One of the media outlets, Earn the Necklace, went the extra mile to find out the name.

The media outlet claims Phoebe Robinson boyfriend name is Luke Downs; The name reminds us of a pun joke (have you heard of a joke where a person pronounce "Luke" exactly as "Look"?); however, we don't mean to disrespect Phoebe's bf, but why do we think she fell for his name?

phoebe robinson boyfriend 2021 luke downs aka british baekoffPhoebe Robinson is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Luke Downs, aka British Baekoff.

Anyways, all joke aside, we suppose you know Phoebe mentions three "B"s she likes on her Instagram profile, which are Books, Bono, and British Baekoff. To be honest, we misread it at first and thought she fancies some cooking show; we literally had no clue.

Phoebe Robinson, however, was not that secretive about her boyfriend's name; She mentioned Luke's name a few times in the past on her Instagram posts, but we were too busy to find the full name elsewhere.

The NY Times best-selling writer also mentions and writes about her relationship with Luke Downs in one of her books, "Please Don't Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes." Her experiences during the lockdown, in bits and pieces, but she does talks about her BF.

Who is Phoebe Robinson Boyfriend, Luke Downs?

As the nickname "British Baekoff" suggests, Phoebe Robinson's boyfriend is an English from the South of England. On December 15, 2018, Luke celebrated his 30th birthday, so it is clear he was born on December 15, 1988, and four years younger than Phoebe.

The tour and merchandising manager moved to Portland, Oregon from Manchester, but following his relationship with the comedian, Luke Downs moved to New York.

As revealed in one of the episodes of Phoebe's podcast "Black Frasier," the idea for the podcast came in collaboration with her bf. Now Luke Downs, aka British Baekoff, works as a producer and editor of the show.

Bono Plays an Important Role to Bring Phoebe and Luke Together!

There's a reason (there's always a reason!), Robinson's love for Bono didn't come just like that. Some reports suggest the couple met at a U2 concert, and the British Beakoff band had an opening act.

Robin and Luke met and talked after the show, but the magic was not instant; however, as they kept in touch after the concert, the two started to develop a liking for each other and fell in love eventually.

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