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An Yea Won From Single's Inferno Instagram, Age, Profession Explored!

An Yeah Won from Single's Inferno is many things; while she was in her late teenhood and early 20s, she was a swimmer. Then she became a fitness model and competed in "Fitness Star" for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018.
Posted On December 21, 2021
An yea won singles inferno

An Yea Won is one of the contestants of Single's Inferno. The Netflix show with an association with the South Korean Broadcasting company JTBC was premiered on December 18, 2021. The show was an instant hit with many reality shows lovers.

Single's Inferno, however, received a fair share of criticism as well. Fans didn't like the male contestants' beauty standards for their female counterparts. Some made comments like "she has pale skin" and "she seems white and pure" are some of the comments that raised eyebrows.

Despite the criticism, we can safely assume it's one of the kickass shows we have got from South Korea, and not to forget, it's their first attempt at a dating reality show. That's quite impressive work for their first attempt.

According to the show format, the 9 contestants (5 men and 4 women) will find themselves on a deserted island (Inferno) in search of love, and they can skip it after finding a match. If they are matched, they will get to stay in a nearby hotel (paradise) for a romantic date.

An Yea-won from Single's Inferno is one of them, and she will seek to find a match on the show. So, the question is, who will she end up with? It's still too early to tell as Netflix wants to keep the secret going. So far, the streaming platform has released its first two episodes and will release a new episode every week.

ye won singles inferno(An Ye won singles inferno Instagram)

Since An Yea Won was one of the main attractions of Single's Inferno during its first two episodes, here's something you should know about her.

An Yea-Won Instagram

An Ye-won has a massive fan following on her Instagram, and we can expect it to get even bigger within a few weeks. As of this writing, Yea Won from Singles Inferno boasts around 121k followers.

If you think she got less screentime because she hasn't received any letter, and want to know her better, you can check her Instagram. You can find An Yea Won on Instagram through her handle @yeah.w__

An Yea Won Age

An Yea Won from Single's Inferno is keeping the show's spirit alive; she hasn't mentioned her age anywhere as of now. As the show's synopsis suggests, the contestants are not allowed to reveal their age and profession until they find someone on the show.

Meanwhile, we did some digging to find out more about her, and some sources suggest An Yea Won's age is 27 as of 2021. An Instagram post on her profile also suggests she is somewhere around 26 to 27 this year.

An Yea Won Profession

An Yeah Won is many things; while she was in her late teenhood and early 20s, she was a swimmer. Then she became a fitness model, competed in "Fitness Star" for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018.

Yea Won didn't win the "Fitness Star" title; however, she promised she would come back next year in 2019, but it never happened because of the pandemic. Recently, An Yea Won has been busy with her fashion photoshoot and YouTube Channel.

Yea Won, whose real name is supposed to be sound "Ang Yea Won," which we found after checking her self-titled channel, has over 3k subscribers as of now. In September, the reality star started her channel and mostly vlogs about her diet and fashion haul.

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