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2021 Update: Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo Spending a Week Together in Cleveland

Nick Bencivengo visits his crush Symonne Harrison in her hometown....
Posted On July 20, 2021
Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo together

We suppose this answers your question, are Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo together? Indeed, the two are together and currently spending a week together in Cleveland, Ohio. The news was confirmed following their Instagram stories.

Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo are spending a fun week in Harrison's hometown, Cleveland, Ohio. Both the TikToker uploaded similar Instagram stories where we could see the two playing on the old swing set and more.

Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo togetherSymonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo are catching up with friends in Cleveland. [Nick's Instagram]

The "Bear On The Chair" inventor also shows around her hometown to Nick, and they even go to "Drink. Eat. Work. Meet 'The 27 Club'" and meet Symonne's friend.

All in all, we can see Nick Bencivengo had the best time of his life while he was in Cleveland. Interestingly, Symonne took Nick to visit her grandparents for dinner; isn't that sweet?

Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo togetherSymonne's grandparents' visit. It seems like Nick enjoyed meeting her grandpa and grandma. [Nick's Instagram Story]

While talking about Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo, we couldn't miss the 18-year-old TikToker also wished the "Bear On The Chair" inventor happy birthday.

Nick posted a series of pictures on their time together at Disneyland and wrote a caption that read, "happy birthday princess✨❤️‍?" to which Symonne replied, "hank you for always making me so special❤️‍? I’m so blessed to have you right by my side every day ? love you ?"

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