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Tyrese Maxey Girlfriend 2021: Who is the NBA Player for the 76ers Dating? Here's Everything You Should Know!

Tyrese Maxey is not dating just yet, but the 20-year-old is seeing his new possible to-be girlfriend...
Posted On August 14, 2021
tyrese maxey girlfriend 2021 new gf

The 76ers Tyrese Maxey is on the news, following the rumors of Ben Simmons, Tyrese Maxey is all they have, and this guy is a pure work of magic which is apparent through his two games in the "Las Vegas Summer League."

Tyrese Maxey, through his performance, proved he is the guard the team has been looking for. The praises are everywhere, Sixers assistant and head coach of the summer league team, Brian Adams, said,

"I think we knew Maxey’s a high-level player. On this stage he’s done really well in these two games. The first half, I thought he was pressing a little. He was trying to force things and he wasn’t going as hard as he should. And he admitted to it."

Adams added, "He turned it around and, to his credit, had a great second half. I think with Maxey, he’s proven he can do what he can do. He’s one of the hardest workers we have, so he’s continually improved and it’s awesome to see. I think it’s going to pay dividends come next season.”

Tyrese Maxey said he feels comfortable with the ball in his hands, making certain reads and passes following the summer League matches. The 20-year-old added he has worked on it his entire life, but he has been more focused and worked even harder this past couple of months.

Tyrese Maxey, no doubt, is one of the most promising players and will continue to improve from here more. While we wait as he impresses with his games in the future, let's find out about his personal life. Is the 20-year-old dating someone in 2021?

Tyrese Maxey Girlfriend 2021: Is There a New Girlfriend?

While there have been a few speculations going on about the 20-year-old's romance life, it seems the pro basketball player has quashed all the rumors. He previously was linked to some other girl, but he has a new one now.

tyrese maxey girlfriend 2021 new gfTyler Maxey with his possible to-be new girlfriend, Lavender Briggs, during their practice session.

According to our sources, Tyrese Maxey is seeing his new possible to-be girlfriend, Lavender Briggs; The two have not confirmed their relationship yet, but something is going between them for sure.

Our insider said told us Tyrese Maxey and his possible-to-be new girlfriend often go on practice together, and the two are often too cozy around each other. It's only about the time when the alleged couple goes official.

Who is Tyrese Maxey Girlfriend, Lavender Briggs?

We wouldn't say Tyrese Maxey and Lavender Briggs are dating just yet, while our insider informed us of things they saw, but after the background check, we found that Lavender is just 17.

She is still 17, but we can assure you that the two are definitely seeing each other and taking their time before they jump into a relationship. Moreover, they have to wait before Briggs turns 18, and we think that's what it is.

tyrese maxey girlfriend 2021 new gfLavender Briggs, 17, plays for the Florida Gators; The 6-1 WNBA player plays in the guard position.

Just like her beau, Tyrese Maxey girlfriend (possible to-be new girlfriend) is also a basketball player. Lavender Briggs, who is 6-1 tall, hails from Provo, Utah, and is currently in Provo High School's junior class.

According to her profile, Lavender Briggs was born in Newburgh, NY but later moved to Utah at seven. The 17-year-old is now one of the highest-scoring players on the team for the second-straight season, all thanks to her mom, who coach her.

And this quick you shouldn't miss, Lavender Briggs likes to eat pickles before games, and she is also a huge fan of the NBA (duh). Well, that's all for now; visit back soon to see more updates on Tyrese Maxey's relationship.

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