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Funny Mike Girlfriend 2021: Who is the That Girl on His Instagram Profile Pic? Here's Everything We Know!

Funny Mike girlfriend made it clear she has nothing to do with him following the "Carmen Pritchett" incident, but this is not new as the comedian has done this before.
Posted On August 11, 2021
Funny Mike girlfriend Jaliyah Preggo 2021

There's a lot of things going on, more than what we can handle. Funny Mike has this girl's picture on his Instagram profile picture, and we don't know why. Who is she anyway, and why Mike has her picture on his Instagram? Well, here's what we know so far.

The girl you see on Funny Mike's Instagram DP is not Mike's girlfriend for sure, as we all know who she is, if you don't know, we will tell you everything about her as well in a bit, but let's first dive into the facts, who is the girl on Funny Mike's IG profile pic. The person in question is Carmen Pritchett, and it seems they have had some nasty things happening between them lately.

Well, the thing is, the Funny Mike's fuss is not actually with Carmen Pritchett, but with her husband, Corey Pritchett. The two seem to have something going on between them; if we go by what Funny Mike says, Corey is copying his every move, most precisely on social media. So, to give him a taste of his own medicine, Mike is using his wife's display image on his Instagram account.

So, if you were confused seeing after the DP, let us clarify that Funny Mike doesn't have a new girlfriend, but still with his baby's mama. And the picture you saw on his Instagram DP is somebody's wife.

Funny Mike Called Out Corey Pritchett!

Well, we hope you are aware of the fuss now; Corey Pritchett allegedly copied Funny Mike's move (every move) on his social media, following which the rapper and comedian called out Corey publicly on his Instagram story. Since Pritchett copied his move, Mike wanted to do the same for him.

Funny Mike girlfriend Jaliyah Preggo 2021It seems Carmen isn't a fan of what Funny Mike is doing on his Instagram; She asked him to delete the picture, but it proves the two had a thing in the past. (Funny Mike's Instagram)

To give him the taste of his own medicine, Funny Mike posted a video, calling him out, and later changed his display image to Pritchett's wife, Carmen Pritchett. So, everyone who is confused after seeing a new girl on his Instagram, that's not Funny Mike's girlfriend; she is Corey Pritchett's wife.

However, it seems the two, Funny Mike and Corey Pritchett's wife, had a thing in the past, and they have some pictures together, which the comedian is posting on his social media lately. Moreover, he is reposting some of Carmen's pictures from her Instagram account as well. This is the first time we have seen anyone gone to this extent for revenge.

The funny thing is, now Funny Mike is demanding that Corey Pritchett tell his wife to be in Mike's video. WOW!

Well, we hope Corey and Mike sort their things out, and stop this, and stop confusing fans who thought Carmen Pritchet is Funny Mike's new girlfriend. No, he is still with his girlfriend, and if you don't know her, here's what you should know.

Funny Mike Girlfriend in 2021: Who is Mike's Baby Mama?

Funny Mike Girlfriend is none other than, and we all know it too, Jaliyah Preggo. The couple has stirred up things between them in the past, and we guess it's going to happen in the future too. Funny Mike's girlfriend accused the comedian of cheating her with someone else.

Funny Mike girlfriend Jaliyah Preggo 2021FunnyMike girlfriend is Jaliyah Preggo; the recent display image on the comedian's Instagram may confuse people to think he has a girlfriend, but that's a revenge thing Mike is playing with Corey and Carmen Pritchett. (Londyn's Instagram)

Following the allegations, Funny Mike girlfriend took to Twitter to vent out and tell everyone how useless she feels to find out the comedian was cheating on her. But after some time, the couple is together again.

Funny Mike and his girlfriend, Jaliyah Preggo, are blessed with a beautiful daughter, Londyn. Mike and Jaliyah announced they were pregnant with Londyn back in December in their vlog.

Well, however, after the 'Carmen' incident, people think the couple is done with. While Funny Mike is busy calling out Corey, Carmen is doing the same with his girl, Jaliyah. Here's the Tweet thread that implies Funny Mike and Jaliyah are no longer couple.

But again, this has happened in the past, Funny Mike has done this before, and Jaliyah took him back, and we can't deny it won't happen again. However, for this moment, the (former) is not together.

Funny Mike's girlfriend, Jaliya Preggo, made it clear, she has nothing to do with him following the Carmen/Corey incident, but fans are still shipping them. Well, it's because of their lovely daughter, Londyn, we suppose.

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