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Josh Kiszka Girlfriend 2021: His Relationship Status and Other Facts You Should Know About the GVF's Lead Vocalist

Josh Kiszka doesn't have a girlfriend, and no, he is not gay either. The lead vocalist of GVF has many things to share; find everything here...
Posted On August 12, 2021
josh kiszka girlfriend 2021

Josh Kiszka is the lead vocalist of the American rock band Greta Van Fleet, aka 'The Peaceful Army," or GVF in short. Born Joshua Michael Kiszka, who hails from Frankenmuth, Michigan, formed the band in 2012.

Josh Kiszka's band consists of Jake Kiszka in guitar, Josh as lead vocalist, Danny Wagner in drums, and Sam Kiszka in bass guitar. Well, all three brothers are in one band; it's a family thing!

Greta Van Fleet's blog, "From the Fires," declares the Kisza family as the "traditional, simple American family," and the band's lead vocalist is thankful for his upbringing in such a peaceful environment. Well, it's apparent, even if you look at their pictures, you will feel the calmness inside.

Anyways, coming back to Josh again, who grew up in a very creatively free environment, surrounded by music, film, and literature, says his parents provided a veritable vinyl playground of early blues, Americana, and rock music. No wonder he is exceptional in what he does, singing! Well, we will know more about the artist, but let's first dive into his relationship status. Does Josh Kiszka have a girlfriend? Let's find out.

Josh Kiszka Girlfriend in 2021: Is the GVF's Vocalist Dating?

We really tried hard to find the answer to this question; however, no luck. After thorough research, we concluded that Josh Kiszka doesn't have a girlfriend and is still single as of 2021.

josh kiszka girlfriend 2021Josh Kiszka doesn't have a boyfriend and is still single as of 2021. (Kiszka's Instagram)

We can see a wide smile on the girls face after knowing Kiszka is still single; Well, it's your time now, you can rejoice and shoot your chances to the 25-year-old singer; however, you must know, he is a very private and shy person IRL, unlike what you see him while performing on the stage.

While we know Josh Kiszka is single and is not in a dating scene, there's a little speculation about the singer. Some people think he might be into men, but is that true?

Josh Kiszka Gay? Is He Really?

Well, the answer to that question is no either; Josh Kiszka is not gay. People throw their blatant assumptions, and they still have the habit of stereotyping others, but just because he is wearing tight pants doesn't mean he is gay. The singer's flamboyant nature makes people think he is gay, but the singer never confirmed or admitted to such rumors.

Does Josh Kiszka or His Band Member Do Drugs?

Well, we can't answer that, as we don't know if they do drugs or not. However, they choose to indulge in film and literature, and Josh Kiszka admits that film-making is his true passion. Moreover, the lead vocalist loves to write, shoot, direct, and edit videos.

josh kiszka girlfriend 2021"We learn many things in the wilderness, especially when words like these are engraved in stone. Take your trip through the garden," says Greta Van Fleet's frontman. (Josh's Instagram)

So, if someday you see a lit GVF's video, you can safely assume it's Kiszka's idea. Josh also has a background in theatre, so every time you see the calmness and ease on his face while he performs, it's all because of his experience in acting.

Strange Horizons 2021 and The Battle At Garden's Gate

Greta Van Fleet is on tour right now; the Grammy Award-winning band is on a series of special events, "Strange Horizon 2021." The band says,

"It is truly a monumental time in history to be able to perform again. We are honored to experience these special shows with all of those who will be in attendance. Let us, once again, come together & celebrate the privilege of life!"

GVF recently released their new album "The Battle At Garden's Gate,' and it's on the top 10 on the Billboard 200. The band will sing some of the songs from the album as well on their tour.

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