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Meet Young Derek Actor on Euphoria, Henry Eikenberry: His Age, Girlfriend & Facts Explored in 2022

Young Derek actor on Euphoria Season 2, Henry Eikenberry, is 23 years old and is reportedly dating his girlfriend, Coco Hills.
Posted On January 24, 2022
Henry Eikenberry Age

Henry Eikenberry is the new addition to the Euphoria family. HBO's 2019 series, Euphoria, is running on its season 2; after the long hiatus, the show is back after two years on the channel. The show is about a group of high school students who grapple with issues of drugs, s*x, and violence.

Before you start, this article may contain some spoilers.

Euphoria Season 2 is getting all the hype this year; the show is back with new stories and cast members; more precisely, Season 2 Episode 3 has fans in awe after the most touching scene between Henry's character, Derek, and Elias Kacavas' character, Cal.

In episode 3, titled "Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys," Rue pursues new business ventures as she helps forge a friendship between Jules and Elliot. But as the show starts, we get to hear Rue's voice in the background, saying Cal "spent every day with his best friend, Derek."

And INXS' Mystify kicks in as a soundtrack! So, we will talk about Derek and Cal's moment in a while, but first, let's find out about Henry Eikenberry.

Who is Young Derek Actor, Henry Eikenberry? (Age, and Facts)

Young Derek actor on Euphoria, Henry Hiekenberry, is an American actor and model from New York City. The newcomer graduated from Brooklyn Friends School in 2017.

According to his Instagram posts, Henry Eikenberry was born on November 15, 1998, making him 23 years old as of January 2022. The new cast of Euphoria has three siblings, Tristan Lamson, Hayden Lamson, and Piper Lamson.

And of course, Eikenberry's close friends and siblings call him Hank or Hen! The 23-year-old even mentioned on his Instagram profile; he wrote, "If we are cool, you can call me Hank."

Who is Henry Eikenberry Girlfriend?

Young Derek actor on Euphoria Season 2 is reportedly is dating. According to some close sources, Henry Eikenberry has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Coco Hill. The couple, however, is extremely private about their love life, but some social media posts suggest they have been in a relationship for quite some time now.

Henry Eikenberry girlfriendYoung Derek actor on Euphoria, Henry Eikenberry, allegedly has been dating his girlfriend, Coco Hill.

As we know, Henry celebrates his birthday on November 15; Eikenberry's alleged girlfriend posted a series of pictures of him on her Instagram and tagged him on the post to wish him a happy birthday. In the caption, she wrote, "Happy Birthday, Henry! I love you," followed by a kiss emoji.

While it's still not confirmed if Henry Eikenberry and Coco Hill are dating or not, the alleged couple, however, follow each other on their social media profiles.

Derek and Cal's Moment on Euphoria Season 2 Episode 3

As Episode 3 starts, we get to learn a little bit more about Cal's life as a teenager, and it seems he was in love with his best friend Derek in the 80s. The episode unfolds. Cal spent suppressing his feelings for Derek until they kissed.

Young Derek Euphoria ActorApparently, Cal was in love with his best friend, Derek! (HBO)

Cal and his best friend kiss on the night of graduation; Unfortunately, Cal goes back to suppressing his feelings for Derek again, following Cal's then-girlfriend and now wife, Marsha, calls to say she was pregnant.

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