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A'ja Wilson Boyfriend 2021: The Las Vegas Aces Player Dating a High School Crush!

A'ja Wilson and her boyfriend have a lot in common, and the couple admits it quite well...
Posted On August 8, 2021
a'ja wilson boyfriend 2021 / asia wilson boyfriend 2021

A'ja Wilson, one of the greatest WNBA players, currently plays for Las Vegas. The reason she is an exceptional player is apparent from her current rank. A'ja ranks 5th in WNBA history in scoring average among players who have played at least 80 games.

A'ja Wilson, among her other team members, including Sue Bird, and others bagged a gold medal in their match against Japanese on Saturday. Coming back to Asia Wilson again, she was named the most valuable player for Las Vegas in 2020.

The girls took to their locker room to have a party post their gold medal match. The 25-year-old posted a video of their "fun time" on her Twitter account, with the caption, "Just gonna leave this here." followed by a couple of hashtags.

Well, that was the sweetest farewell to the Olympic Village; the Team USA couldn't have asked any better than this. We saw A'ja Wilson and her team enjoyed the night with a couple of Asahi, but people back home are more excited to welcome them back.

There's someone, someone who is more excited about A'ja's homecoming; That person is none other than Asia Wilson's boyfriend.

Who is A'ja Wilson Boyfriend in 2021?

A'ja Wilson is in a relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Josh Cunningham. Some sources claim the couple met while they were in high school. Asia Wilson and her boyfriend ended up touring the same University, the University of South Carolina.

It was A'ja Wilson who messaged her now-boyfriend first to build the school's program as a whole. Josh, talking to the Daytona Daily News, said Asia Wilson wanted him to consider USC.

a'ja wilson boyfriend 2021 / asia wilson boyfriend 2021A'ja Wilson (Asia Wilson) is dating her longtime boyfriend, Josh Cunningham. The couple met in high school and toured the same uni but ended up in different colleges. But they kept exchanging messages and eventually fell in love. 

A'ja Wilson reached out to Josh Cunningham to get him to consider the school and find out a little bit about her now-boyfriend. But she admitted, Josh is a man of few words, so as they messaged back and forth, there were some awkward moments.

While A'ja went to USC, Josh went to Bradley and later transferred to Dayton, but they kept exchanging messages. In 2017, Cunnigham finally admitted they have a lot in common, to which Aisa Wilson agreed; eventually, the couple started dating only in 2018.

Josh Cunningham is a Basketball Player

When Joshua Cunningham said he and A'ja Wilson have a lot in common, he didn't just mean their birthdays and hobbies; both are pro basketball players. Aisa Wilson boyfriend is a power forward who most recently played for Zero Fees Southland Sharks in New Zealand.

Joshua Cunningham's best performance was in 2018; the 25-year-old set his career-high in points in an NCAA game. On Janaury 20, he scored 32 points in Dayton's home loss against Rhode Island, 74-88.

A'ja Wilson Admits She Enjoys Having Joshua as Her Boyfriend

In 2018, while Asia Wilson sat for an interview with Daytona Daily, she admitted she enjoys having Josh Cunningham as her boyfriend. The 25-year-old WNBA player said,

"Look I can’t tell you how many people I meet in a day, how many people I run into and talk to,” she said. “But there’s just something about Josh. It’s his personality and who he is as a man that I just really enjoy. I enjoy having him as a boyfriend."

And Josh had something similar to his girlfriend as well. Cunningham said, "She’s just a great person. She is very understanding – just a great girl."

A'ja, during the same interview, added, "We really, really FaceTime a lot. We’re on the phone all the time and we text all the time, too. The only difference is that I’m not ‘seeing’ him in person. But we‘re finding a way to make it work."

Well, it seems the couple is destined to be together, and we can pretty much see their relationship is here to last.

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