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Canadian Actress Aya Furukawa From The Midnight Club is 23 Years Old! It Seems She is Single as of 2022

Aya Furukawa is a Canadian actor from Vancouver. The 23-year-old is known for her role as Natsuki on The Midnight Club. Furukawa is single as of 2022, as per reports.
Posted On October 22, 2022
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Aya Furukawa has become the talk of the town after she played a character in Netflix series; The Midnight Club,  a horror show directed and made by Mike Flanagan and Leah Fong. The series is about a group of terminally ill teenagers who happen to end up in the same hospice where they started to begin sharing horror stories with each other at midnight. In this series, Aya Furukawa portrayed a character of natsuki who is empathetic, kind, and full of emotions. You can watch all 10 episodes at once on Netflix.

Now lets find out more about Aya Furukawa through our article, get to know her age, height, parents and many more.

Who Is Midnight Club Natsuki Behind The Camera? Get To Know Aya Furukawa

The Midnight Club's Natsuko star, Aya Furukawa, is a native of Vancouver, Canada. She was born on April 12, 1999. Aya was raised in a bilingual family. Her mother is a British citizen and her father, Jason Furukawa, a famous Japanese, who is a Hollywood film director.

Aya started her acting career at her early age; she began working on commercials and later debuted in "The Cabin In The Woods" in 2011; However, she took a full stop to her acting career due to some medical condition, so she focused on her talents in arts and illustrations. Aya then went to Japan and spent two months in Tokyo. While staying in Tokyo, some talent agencies found her on the streets and wanted to cast her, but after finding out she was not a local, she got rejected.

But that incident didn't make her upset rather, she was motivated and interested in acting again; then she signed for her former agency in 2018 and continued her acting career. Earlier, Aya Furukawa was booked for her first recurring role as "Sachiko" in The Terror in 2018. Aya has played in some of the TV series and movies through out her acting career, such as "The Cabin In The Woods," "The Terror," "Yokomeshi," "Happy Ever After," "Brand New Cherry Flavor," and "The Baby-Sitters Club" between 2020 to 2021.

The 23 year old Canadian actor then, signed the role of "Natsuki" for the series "The Midnight Club" in 2022, not only that, she will also be playing in a mini-series called The Fall of The House of Usher, directed by Mike Flanagan and likely to be released in 2023. Meanwhile, one of her projects, "Cafe Racer"short flim, has been recently completed.

Aya Furukawa Boyfriend: Is She Dating Someone In 2022?

aya furukawa boyfriendAya Furukawa is single as of 2022. Aya Furukawa Instagram.

Well, there's no details and information on whether she is single or having romantic links with anyone; the 23 year old candaddian actor likes to keep a secret regarding her personal life; she might not have a boyfriend and may be focusing into her acting career, who knows! Hopefully she will announce her love life in the upcoming future, hope for the best!

Aya Furukawa on Instagram

You can follow Aya Furukawa on her official Instagram account, @aya,eyes. Her Instagram posts are usually filled with her selfies, pictures with her friends and family members. Some of the pictures are of her traveling to different places as well. As we mentioned before, she is good at art, and illusion; Aya has also another Instagram account @timetwosleep, where she expresses her art work by posting it, you definitely don't wanna miss it do you?

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