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Alex Verdugo Girlfriend 2021: is the Red Sox Outfielder Dating Someone? Here's Everything We Know!

Boston Red Sox Outfielder and his longtime girlfriend are having a baby together...
Posted On August 9, 2021
alex verdugo girlfriend baby name 2021

Alex Verdugo, how can you be so secretive about your private life? We mean, not all prefer showing off their lifestyle on social media, but despite trying hard not to reveal things to the public, something still spills out, but we will give it to the Red Sox outfielder here; he really managed to keep his personal life off the radar for so long that we only found he is in a relationship when he is finally having a baby!

The recent Red Sox notes nearly broke the internet when they announced the 25-year-old MLB player would miss the next few multiple matches, including Boston's series finale with the Toronto Blue Jays as he is on "paternity leave."

Can you believe this? All this time, we thought Alex Verdugo was single, but no, he is having a baby with his girlfriend. Alex certainly had one heck of a weekend; first, he hit a home run on Saturday, 7th Aug, then the next day on Sunday, he boarded a plane to be present for the birth of his child.

Red Sox manager, Alex Cora, talked with the press to reveal the 25-year-old will be away from the team for few days; he said, "Alex is on paternity list. He had to fly this morning. So, he’s not going to be with us today and the upcoming days."

Congratulation to Alex Verdugo, but all we want to know is, who is Alex Verdugo's baby mama?

Alex Verdugo Girlfriend 2021: Who is the Baby Mama?

Honestly, we thought he was on leave for his sister's baby birth. Alex's sibling, Maria Verdugo, is also pregnant with her second child with her husband, Joe Perez. So, we thought, as Alex and Mariah share a great bonding as siblings, the 25-year-old took a leave of absence for this special moment.

alex verdugo girlfriend baby name 2021

Coincidentally, Alex Verdugo's sister, Mariah Verdugo, is also pregnant.

We couldn't be more wrong on this; we mean, obviously, Alex loves his sister and would do the same when it comes to her, but this time, he is taking time off from his game for the birth of his own baby. This makes us question, who is Alex Verdugo's wife or girlfriend?

The 25-year-old is not married yet, but Alex Verdugo is in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend, with whom he is having a baby. According to one of the insiders, Alex Verdugo's girlfriend's name is Yamille Alcala.

Who is Alex Verdugo Girlfriend, Yamille Alcala?

Our insider didn't give us the full information on Alex Verdugo's girlfriend's whereabouts; however, we found out that she is from LA and seems to be a fan of soccer and MLB (duh). Moreover, she also likes to read books and believes in god, and also follows horoscopes.

alex verdugo girlfriend baby name 2021Alex Verdugo's girlfriend's name is Luz Yamille Alcala. The couple is dating for quite some time now, and their baby is on the way soon. (Yamille's Instagram)

That's the only information our insider gave us; however, we have a few things to add after some quick research. Alex Verdugo's girlfriend, apart from her love for books, it seems, from her profile (which we are not allowed to show for the privacy reason), that she likes kids, and of course, she is having one real soon. Well, congratulations to the couple and soon-to-be parents.

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