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Han So Hee Boyfriend in 2021: Is the "My Name" Actress in a Relationship? Here's What You Should Know

The fans believe Han So Hee is dating her "Nevertheless" co-actor, Song Kang. Their on-screen chemistry was the result of their real life romance!
Posted On October 18, 2021
Han So Hee Boyfriend Song Kang

Han So Hee is a new rage! The South Korean actress is stealing all the attention following her performance on the Netflix original, "My Name." The S. Korean drama premiered on October 15, 2021; just a few days after its release, it is under the top ten charts worldwide, except for the UK. (Why so RUDE, English people?)

Netflix show, "My Name," is about a woman, Ji Woo, played by Han So Hee, who seeks vengeance for her drug dealer father's death at the hand of an unknown assailant on the radar of the kingpin;

Also, apologies if I spill some beans here and there about the plot! Because, the flow, you know! (laugh!) SO, yeah, Han So Hee plays this bad-ass woman; there are some steamy scenes between her and Ahn Bo Hyun's character, "Jeon Pildo," but the first few parts will cover Han So Hee's training and how she kicks some ass.

If we have to remember Han's past series, this new avatar is something the South Korean actress tried for the first time. In the past, on series like "Nevertheless," "The World of the Married," and "100 Days Prince," she mostly portrayed characters that are often impartial and compassionate.

So Hee's best previous best performance, if we have to name it, would be on "Nevertheless," and there are plenty of lovey-dovey moments between Han and Song Kang, who played the character of Park Jae Eon. The fans so loved the chemistry between them; they shipped them two.

By the way, if you want to watch "Nevertheless," it is available on Netflix to stream with a subtitle. The series discovers the friends-with-benefits relationship between Park Jae Eon and Yoo Na Bi. Since we know these characters make the perfect couple, is there someone Han So Hee is into in real life?

Han So Hee Boyfriend in 2021: Is the South Korean Actress Dating Someone?

Not to everyone's surprise, Han So Hee is rumored to be dating her on-screen boyfriend, Song Kang. The gossip spread like anything; the two are actually believed to be dating. Director of "Nevertheless," Ga-Ram Kim's word is to blame for the rumors!

Han So Hee Boyfriend Song Kang RelationshipHan So Hee is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Song Kang. The couple fell in love during the filming of the "Nevertheless" show. The show is available to stream on Netflix. (KBIZoom)

Gam-Rim revealed Han So Hee was stoked to see Song Kang as her opposite on "Nevertheless." While filming, the two actors were very cozy around each other backstage, and we don't think we need to emphasize this; the on-screen chemistry we see on the show comes with their real-life romance!

The Swoon channel on YouTube revealed some behind-the-scenes footage; Han So Hee and her boyfriend, Song Kang, look very comfortable around each other. From what we saw, it seems as if the show was about these real-life couples falling in love again.

Blushing Stopped Filming

The show director, Gam-Rim Kim, asked Han So Hee and Song Kang to act indifferent towards each other to complete the filming, as the two were mostly blushing around each other.

It took them time to immerse in the character fully and act indifferent around each other; then only the filming could be done for "Nevertheless." As the show progressed, the director noticed Song Kang and Han So Hee's chemistry extended beyond their roles in the drama.

While the couple has yet to speak publicly about their relationship, fans confirm the two are actually dating in real life. It's a perfect couple thing, Song Kang and So Hee looks amazing together.

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