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Jeff Ward Girlfriend 2021: The Brand New Cherry Flavor Star is Dating a Fellow Actor! Here's Everything You Should Know

Brand New Cherry Flavor star, Jeff Ward, is dating a fellow actor. The couple is together for more than three years now...
Posted On August 18, 2021
jeff ward girlfriend 2021 / Chloe bennet boyfriend 2021

Jeff Ward is one of the actors in the new Netflix horror series, "Brand New Cherry Flavor." He plays the character of Roy Hardaway on the horror series from the showrunner of Syfy's Channel Zero. The actor and writer, Jeff, has played on several other projects before Netflix's show.

Jeff Ward previously worked on ABC's "Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D." as Deke Shaw and HBO Max's "Hacks" as George. As you already know, he is all set to his talent on the new series, Brand New Cherry Flavor." While the show got a mixed-up reaction from the critics, general viewers are loving the show so far.

Paul Tassi of Forbes points the show is pretty much flavored with "Channel Zero" spices, and it won't be too wrong to say the new horror series is season 5 of Syfy's horror show. However, Tassi stressed the new show on Netflix still works because of the trio of performances from Rosa Salazar, Catherine Keener, and Eric Lange.

While Tassi didn't mention Jeff, we can assure you that he is beyond doubt in the series and will grasp our attention through his acting skills and charming look. Since we are talking about his good look and how we are ready to fall for him, is there someone special for whom he fell for?

Jeff  Ward Girlfriend 2021: Is the Brand New Cherry Flavor Actor Dating?

Sorry ladies, but the 34-year-old actor is off the market. Jeff Ward is dating his longtime girlfriend, Chloe Bennet. You heard that right! The 5-9 tall actor is in a relationship with a fellow "Agent of the S.H.I.E.L.D." actor, and two are in a relationship for almost three years now.

jeff ward girlfriend 2021 / Chloe bennet boyfriend 2021Jeff Ward is dating his girlfriend, Chloe Bennet. The couple is dating for more than three years now. 

While there is the assumption the couple started dating in 2018, Jeff Ward and his girlfriend went public about their relationship in April of 2019. The fellow actors were seen singing along to a song and dancing in one of Jeff Ward's Instagram posts.

During the time, Jeff Ward didn't right away admit Chloe Bennet is his girlfriend, but his caption on the post said it all. The 34-year-old wrote, "No one will believe us but we didn’t plan any of this. Happy birthday [Chloe Bennet] you’re one of my favorite people."

Who is Jeff Ward Girlfriend, Chloe Bennet?

We suppose Jeff Ward girlfriend, Chloe Bennet, needs no introduction. Many of her fans know her from her character, "Daisy Johnson," in the ABC's series "Agent of SHIELD." Born Chloe Wang, the 29-year-old actress, and her boyfriend know each other for a long time.

The couple is believed to be dating since 2018 after Jeff joined the franchise. Ward joined the cast of Agent of SHIELD in 2017. Two years later, the couple was sharing pictures and videos of them together on their social media profiles way too often, which indicated they were already dating.

Still, to date, Chloe Bennet and her boyfriend, Jeff Ward, are yet to make their relationship Instagram official as they haven't admitted they are dating, but pretty much everyone knows they are a couple.

Jeff Ward and Chloe Bennet on Instagram

If you scroll back to yesteryears' posts on Chloe Bennet's Instagram, you can easily spot Chloe calling Jeff her best friend, but as time went by, that friendship turned into something more meaningful in both of their life.

jeff ward girlfriend 2021 / Chloe bennet boyfriend 2021Chloe Bennet and Jeff Ward started as friends, and now they are a couple. We suppose their relationship is here to last. 

Now, they still post pictures or videos of them together on their social media, but we can see the fondness has grown on them. Even their fans liked when they started dating.

One fan wrote, "Chloe Bennet, on set romance? Deke finally got Daisy," followed by several random emojis including "feeling loved."

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