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Louis Partridge Girlfriend 2021: Why the Fans are So Confused About His Relationship? Here's Everything You Should Know

While the "Enola Holmes" actor never confirmed it, his fans think Louis Partridge is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Lulu...
Posted On August 15, 2021

Louis Partridge, the actor who played the character of Lord Tewkesbury, needs no introduction. While the actor has worked on a few other projects before Netflix's Enola Holmes, the 18-year-old is known for his movie with Millie Bobby Brown.

Millie and Louis, following their on-screen chemistry, were speculated to be dating, but both the actors denied their romance rumors. However, they still hang out together, posts pictures of each other on their social media, and the two admitted they are just good friends.

After the fans shipped Louis Partridge and Millie Bobby Brown, they swiftly quashed fans' expectations. Still, following this, the whole thing made Partridge's fans whom the actor is dating really if he and Millie have nothing between them?  Well, let's find out.

Who is Louis Partridge Girlfriend in 2021?

It appears Louis Partridge is still single because if he had a girlfriend, we would know as he is super active on social media. The 18-year-old hasn't indicated he is in a dating scene from any of his social media posts; however, there's this one interesting thing about him you should know.

louis partridge girlfriend 2021

Louis Partridge with his alleged girlfriend, Lulu Everly. According to fans, the couple is together for more than two years now. 

Lord Tewkesbury actor on Netflix's Enola Holmes actor, Louis Partridge, previously admitted he was in a relationship before. Millie and Louie joined "Seventeen" and appeared on "17 Questions" while they were promoting their movie, during the time Louis Partridge revealed he had his heart broken before. While he didn't tell who his ex-girlfriend was, but he, for sure, admitted he was in a relationship.

It makes sense; why would you want to tell their ex-girlfriend's name anyway. Following the video, more speculations started to spring, and we don't know if they make sense. However, we will include them here anyway!

According to Fans, Louis Partridge Girlfriend's name is Lulu!

When Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge turned down their fans after denying their dating rumors, people started this new theory about the 18-year-old's relationship. According to fans, Louis Partridge is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Lulu.

We have no idea who Louis Partridge alleged girlfriend, Lulu, is. The more we tried to find the answer, the more confused we got. After following long threads on every social media possible, we found two things: Lulu is Louis's girlfriend, or she could be her cousin. See how confusing it is.

Louis Partridge and his girlfriend, Lulu Everly, with their group of friends. (Pinterest)

The fans started to speculate Louis is dating his alleged girlfriend, Lulu, following the two were spotted together on different occasions. The photos circulated on the internet couldn't be found on any of Partridge's social media, which gives some weight to the rumors.

Even Partridge never confirmed neither denied the speculations that he is in a relationship with Lulu. Well, for now, all we can assume for now is, Louis Partridge is still single and doesn't have a girlfriend as of 2021. But, fans are still adamant that Louis has a girlfriend. Guess we will have to wait a little longer to find out the truth.

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