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Is Kane From Bling Empire Gay? Everything We Know About Kane Lim's Sexuality!

Kane Lim from Bling Empire is a fan favorite. His appearance on the series has raised a lot of questions about his sexuality. People are confirmed he is gay and dating Kevin, or his yoga instructor.
Posted On November 1, 2022
is kane from bling empire gay

Meet Kane Lim from Bling Empire. Season 3 of the Netflix reality series just dropped and Kane from the show is already making news. The show premiered on October 5, 2022, on the streaming platform.

The 3rd installment of the show on Netflix is all about Los Angeles' wealthiest East Americans as it follow a glamorous and lavish lifestyle.

Also, the show promises some intense drama in this reality show. The season 3 of the reality series stars Kevin Kreider, Christine Chiu, Kelly Mi-li, Kim Lee, Kane Lim, and many more.

Although audiences know all of the cast members in the Bling Empire, Kane Lim is particularly one who looks quite suspicious about his sexual orientation. Meanwhile, Kane himself has never mentioned anything about being gay.

Who is Kane Lim From Bling Empire?

Among all the cast members of Bling Empire Season 3, Kane Lim has become a popular and fan favorite due to his looks and personality; Kane Lim is Singaporean brand ambassador, a real estate agent, and an entrepreneur. Not only that, Kane is also a new face of Rihanna's 'Fenty Beauty' brand.

Moreover, Kane is also an active philanthropist and has been contributing to charities for uplift services and miracles for kids. However, he is most known for his appearances for the bling empire.

Lately, Kane has become the center of attention on the internet due to his sexuality; Many viewers and his fans are speculating that he might be gay as he is private regarding his love life.

Is Kane Lim Gay? His Sexuality is Explored

Fans of Bling Empire are curious to know more about Kane's sexuality as he is very private regarding his dating life, which made his fans assume of him being gay. Thus Kane's love life is still a mystery; he has been called a perfect gay best friend by the audiences.

Kane Lim boyfriend KevinPeople are confirmed Kane from Bling Empire is gay, and secretly in love with Kevin Kreider. Kane Lim's Instagram.

People are suspecting not only Kane Lim but also his partner Kevin Kreider, due to his flirty comments in the series. Both Kane and Kevin's conversations indicate them being gay; however. Both have not disclosed their sexual orientation publicly.

There's another reason people are suspecting him as gay when he openly flirts with his yoga instructor, Florent Bonadei, on the first season of Bling Empire, where audiences have seen him asking for his yoga instructor's number.

Kane Lim's instant reaction towards his yoga instructor made Kane seem to be gay or bisexual. Although we have no clue if Kane and his yoga instructor began dating behind the show or not.

There are tons of reasons as to why Kane from Bling Empire has not come out yet. As we all know he is from Singaporian, being a gay is illegal in Singapore. The people of the country say that the culture is pretty conservative there for Singaporians. People there just don't ask about it and pretend the topic is non-existent.

We didn't say this, but fans are 100% certain Kane Lim from Bling Empire is gay. The 32 year reality star might open up about his sexuality in the upcoming season of Bling Empire; who knows he might also disclose his relationship with his partner Kevin Kreider.

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