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Is Ebraheem Al Samadi Gay? Here's What We Know So Far About Dubai Bling Cast!

Ebraheem Al Samadi from Bling Dubai is one of the richest cast members with a $60 million net worth. People assume Ebraheem is gay, but is it true? We don't think so! Moreover, he is single and doesn't have a wife or a girlfriend.
Posted On October 30, 2022
Ebraheem Al Samadi Gay

Ebraheem Al Samadi is the cast member of the new Netflix series, Dubai Bling. We are sure you have watched or at least heard of Bling Empire. Following the similar pattern, the new reality show showcases the lavish and luxury lifestyle of UAE's socialites. Dubai is the hub for all things riches, so Ebraheem Al Samadi is in the news for something similar.

One of the richest cast members of Bling Dubai, Ebraheem Al Samadi, is 34 years old and looking for a partner in the show. Last time, the entrepreneur went on a date with Loujain Adada, aka LJ, during which the Samadi gifted her roses. While some are shipping them, the other half are doubting if Ebraheem is all too genuine about his feelings.

Half of the people who watched the show are suspecting that Ebraheem Al Samadi is gay. Here's what we feel about the whole situation.

Is Ebraheem Al Samadi from Bling Dubai Gay?

Ebraheem Al Samadi stepped into the show to find his romantic partner and eventually settled down. At first he set a blind date with LJ, but things didn't work out between them. Following his blind date, which didn't work out, Samadi was seen with a mysterious woman.

Ebraheem Al Samadi GirlfriendFollowing his blind date with LJ, Ebraheem Al Samadi from Dubai Bling is seen with a mysterious girl. Later, it was confirmed she was just a friend of Samadi. Ebraheem's Instagram.

The mysterious woman's picture is still on Samadi's Instagram. But it was reported that they were just friends. Some even speculated that he is married and has a wife. However, all these guessworks are false. But wait, there's more.

Some are guessing Ebraheem Al Samadi is gay, but, it seems, people's speculations about his sexuality are also false. Some assumed "he is into guys" after seeing him on the screen. It feels wrong to say, but people build their opinion based on his appearances. Some think he lacks interest when he is sitting next to girls.

Like we said earlier, Ebraheem Al Samadi has never come out and said he is gay. Also regarding his girlfriend and wife, there's no one at the moment, and currently, Ebraheem is seemingly single.

More About Ebraheem Al Samadi: Wiki and Net Worth Explored!

Dubai Bling cast member, Ebraheem, is Kuwaiti-American entrepreneur. Samadi started his entrepreneural journey as early as 14, and now, when he is 34, he is one of the richest reality stars in the new Netflix series.

Ebraheem has an interesting life story; When Samadi was in his teenage days, he used to sell his mom's clothes on eBay while he was in the States. Later, thrifting his mom's clothes seeded an idea in him that changed his life forever; In fact, his company name includes "forever."

Ebraheem is the founder of "Forever Rose," the largest distributor of roses worldwide. His gifting company earns hims as high as $260,000 in revenue per year. Also, a quick look at his Instagram posts shows he has been busy doing sponsored posts, which helps hims earn big times.

Ebraheem found great success when he stepped foot in Dubai in 2010. Currently, the 34-year-old is considered one of the most influential socialites in the city. Samadi owns nine companies that span from jewelry to eateries. With the revenue of all of his companies combined, Ebraheem Al Samadi has an estimated net worth of $60 million as of 2022.

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