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Meghan King Boyfriend 2021: The Canadian Actress is Dating a Mix Martial Artist! Find Out Everything Here

Meghan King has a new boyfriend; Her new lover is a former mixed martial artist and has recently competed in the Heavyweight division of the UFC.
Posted On August 28, 2021
Meghan King Boyfriend 2021

Meghan never dated Will Roos! Contrary to what People Magazine and PageSix wrote in their article, the two never took their relationship further than just "Friends." In January of 2021, The article written by Maria Pasquini for People Magazine states Meghan King and Will Roose met as possible love interests, but that fizzled out into friends.

The media outlet was also able to take a screenshot of the story where Meghan King says, "For now, we're just friends. And by 'friends' I mean super close besties who also kiss and hug. Ok, so I don't mean 'friends' at all. Life is funny… [Will Roos]."

While Meghan was clear on her words, the media giants still labeled Will Roos as her boyfriend; we don't blame them as King and Roos were (and still are) very close to each other; it's easy to be confused thinking they were dating. While those media outlet giants are still adamant Meghan King is with Will Roos (which is not true), the former Real Housewives of Orange County star is secretly dating her new boyfriend following her split with her former husband, Christian Schauf.

Meghan King Boyfriend 2021: Is She Dating Someone?

We suppose you have got some glimpse of Meghan King boyfriend; the RHOC star has posted videos and photos of him on her Instagram profile, but what you don't know is who the person is Meghan dating. Well, after thorough research and e-stalking her profile, and with the help of our insiders, we found Meghan King is in a relationship with her new boyfriend, Todd Duffee.

Meghan King Boyfriend Todd DuffeeMeghan King is in a relationship with her new boyfriend, Todd Duffee, in 2021. He is a former MMA fighter in the UFC.

The alleged couple has not publicly admitted they are in a relationship, but their social media interactions point that Meghan King and Todd Duffee are definitely dating. Our insider confirmed that RHOC has a new boyfriend; they claim the new couple met through a mutual friend.

Meghan King and Todd Duffee's mutual friend is Jeremy Fraser; he is a photographer and friend, and it is assumed the Meghan King and her boyfriend met during a photoshoot. Guess we will have to wait a little longer before the couple admits they are in a relationship.

Who is Meghan King's New Alleged Boyfriend, Todd Duffee?

Meghan King's new boyfriend, Todd Duffee, is a mixed martial art fighter who most recently competed in the Heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. According to his profile, Meghan's boyfriend is 35 years old and trains with the Combat Academy and the American Kickboxing Academy in California.

Meghan King's boyfriend was born in Evansville, Indiana, and grew up in Raleigh, Illinois, and Eldorado. While talking about his professional career as an MMA fighter, he won his first three fights against Mike Walbright, Mark Haniger, and Josh Bennett.

Following some injury, and due to unknown reasons, Todd Duffee was released from the UFC. Some claim he had disputes with the UFC when his request for the fund for knee surgery was denied. Following a few ups and downs in his career, Duffee returned to face Jeff Hughes on September 14, 2019, after a four-year hiatus.

While his return was not successful as anticipated, he quit the UFC again and is now training after successful rehabilitation from his shoulder and knee surgery, as well as a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

Meghan King and Todd Duffee on Social Media

While Meghan King has not admitted her love for Todd Duffee or hasn't been "Instagram" official, the alleged couple is often seen interacting on each other posts on social media. We even got a glimpse of Meghan King's boyfriend in one of her videos on Instagram.

Indeed, the handsome hunk exercising is Meghan King's new boyfriend. The couple is low-key about their relationship, but they are often seen commenting on each others' social media posts.

Meghan King New Boyfriend 2021Love is in the air for Meghan King and her boyfriend, Todd Duffee.

Just a week ago, on August 20, 2021, Todd Duffee posted a picture of his OOTD, on which he captioned, "Felt cute…will forget to delete later. #winingwithwinos #midwestthang." And, as you expected, Meghan commented. She wrote, "Stl looks good on you," to which Todd replied, "[Meghan King] you know this isn’t STL right? ?" to which Meghan defended, saying, "@[Todd Duffee] you tagged stl!"

Well, love is in the air, for sure, for former RHOC star and Todd Duffee. It's only about time when the alleged couple goes public about their relationship.

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