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Sue Bird Girlfriend 2021: Who is the Professional Basketball Player Dating? Find Out Everything!

Sue Bird and her girlfriend, Megan Rapinoe, are already engaged. Continue reading to find out how the couple met...
Posted On July 24, 2021
Sue Bird Girlfriend 2021

The Olympic flag bearer for the United States, Sue Bird, is vying for the record fifth gold medal. The professional point guard player will lead the national basketball team.

In a news conference held following the Olympic opening ceremony when she became the flag bearer, Sue Bird said she still has a lot to take in. The pro basketball player said,

"I don't even know if I've fully digested it yet. It was pretty shocking when I heard. The thought of other athletes being the ones to pick the flag bearers, being the ones that chose myself and chose Eddy, makes the honor that much more special."

Bird added,

"But also that we'll be leading the entire USA delegation into Opening Ceremonies. There's something really special, and I know firsthand because I got to be right behind Dawn when she did it in 2004."

The 40-year-old who played college basketball for the Huskie at the University of Connecticut started her professional career when the Seatle Storm selected Sue with the first overall pick of the 2002 WNBA draft.

Having dual citizenship (the United States and Isreal), the WNBA player chose to represent the U.S. in the Olympics, and we all have high hopes for her. Since it's a no-brainer, she is doing pretty well in her career; we should also know about her personal life.

Sue Bird Girlfriend in 2021: Is She Dating Someone?

We don't think it's even news by now. Pretty much who follows women's basketball, or at least watching Olympics, will know who Sue Bird is dating. Moreover, Sue Bird and her girlfriend, Megan Rapinoe, have been together for more than four years and often post pictures of them on social media.

But if you are someone who is not privy to the lives of the U.S. Women's national basketball team, here's what you should know about Sue Bird and her girlfriend.

And to add charms to their relationship, Sue Bird and her girlfriend represent the country in Olympics. Moreover, the couple recently announced their engagement too.

Who is Sue Bird Girlfriend, Megan Rapinoe?

Sue Bird's girlfriend, Megan Rapinoe, is a women's soccer player for the United States. Megan is the captain of O.L. Reign of the National Women's and the United States national team.

Sue Bird Girlfriend 2021 Megan RapinoeSue Bird and her girlfriend, Megan Rapinoe, are engaged after dating for four years. 

But Sue Bird's girlfriend, Megan, is not just any athlete; she is an outspoken advocate for pay equity and the Black Lives Matter movement. Talking with NPR, Rapinoe said,

"What I want to see is us constantly trying to live up to these words and live up to this ideal where all people are free and all people do have all of their rights."

Sue Bird's girlfriend continued, "And all people can have a life filled with liberty and justice for all and who, you know, work hard and have a good life and all of these things. But, I think, we just so clearly have so far to go. And so I see patriotism as constantly demanding better of ourselves."

How Did Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe Meet?

Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe met briefly in 2016 in Rio De Janeiro at the Summer Olympics' press conference for the games. That's the first time they met, and later the couple connected on Instagram, which was the beginning of their beautiful relationship.

Sue Bird and her girlfriend, Megan Rapinoe, has a special place in their heart for the Olympics, as the couple got to meet each other back in 2016 at the event. Now, coming back to 2021, both are representing their country again at the Olympics, and some good news is up their sleeves as well.

Sue Bird and her girlfriend, Megan Rapinoe, are now engaged; the couple announced their engagement back in 2020. Olympic flag bearer and women soccer player took to their Instagram account to announce the news.

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