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Tania McGowan, 23, Faces Charges of Child Neglect! The Infant Died on 11th December

A 23-year-old Jacksonville woman, Tania McGowan, was charged with child neglect. Tania got custody of her child when her baby father moved to Texas in October. Her Instagram posts show she lasted posted in 2012.
Posted On December 24, 2022
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A woman named "Tania McGowan" is arrested in connection with a child's death. The 23-year-old Jacksonville mother, Tania, is charged with child neglect and abuse after the death of an infant.

The Fire and Rescue Department responded to a home on Duval Road after they got a call in reference to an unresponsive infant. The child was rushed to the hospital but couldn't be saved. The report claims the infant was extremely malnourished, his cheeks were sunken and his stomach caved in.

The infant was declared dead on December 11, 2022. Upon questioning the mother of the infant replied she placed her baby to sleep at 8 PM on December 10 and didn't check on him until midnight. She thought the baby was asleep but when she checked in at 2 PM the next day, the infant was unresponsive.

Who is Tania McGowan?

Tania McGowan is a 23 year old woman from Jacksonville. The single mother got custody of the infant when her baby father moved to Texas in October 2022. In just a few months, the infant lost his life due to her negligence.

While investigating, the police also went through McGowan's phone. The images found in the phone show a healthy infant, slowly progressing from a healthy baby to malnourished.

In her defense, the 23-year-old said she noticed the infant slimming down but she thought the child was growing in length. Police arrested and charged her with child neglect and held her on a $500,003 bond for child abuse and another $1 million for child neglect.

Tania McGowan Background Check!

There are no previous criminal records for Tania McGowan. She is also referred to as Tania Nicole McGowan, or Tania Toofye McGowan. Her Instagram and other social media profiles have been inactive for a long time.

Upon checking Tania McGowan's Instagram profile, the last time she posted a post on Instagram was in 2012, when she was still a kid. Given her age is 23 now, she was around 13 when she stopped posting pictures on her profile.

The Autopsy Report

The final results are yet to come, however, in their initial inspection, the medical examiner said the child was malnourished and dehydrated, and there was no evidence of food in the infant's stomach or intestines.

Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, speaking with News4JAX, said the factors that lead to child abuse could be societal to parental. he explained, "Some of the societal factors are violence and poverty and the factors related to the parent would be substance abuse, mental health problems or if they’ve been abused themselves or lack of parenting skills."

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