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Meet Demetrius DC Calip Jr From Last Chance U! He Is The Son of Ex-NBA Player

Demetrius DC Calip Jr is the son of famous NBA player, Demetrius Calip. His father played college basketball for University of Michigan Wolverines and later for the LA Lakers. Demetrius Calip II has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2022.
Posted On December 22, 2022
Demetrius DC Calip Jr Dad

New Netflix docuseries "Last Chance U: Basketball" introduced Demetrius DC Calip Jr to the world. The new show follows the East Los Angeles College basketball team and gives a glimpse of what the college player has to go through to be selected in a reputed NBA team.

Demetrius, along with other players on the team, follows the guidance of head coach John Mosley and competes with different college teams across the state of California. According to what people noticed on the docuseries, Demetrius DC Calip Jr was the most talented one.

But after the show, we haven't heard much from him or his teammates. Where is Demetrius? And what is he doing now? Let's find out.

Is Demetrius Calip II Still With ELAC?

The answer is yes. Demetrius DC Calip Jr is still affiliated with Elac and will be with the team until 2023. Reports suggest he will be active in the 2022-2023 season, and his team has already won 6 games in their last eight matches.

Demetrius DC Calip Jr Net WorthThe famous basketball player from Netflix's "Last Chance U: Basketball," Demetrius Calip II is the son of a famous former NBA player. He as an estimated net worth of @1.5 million as of 2022. DC Calip Jr Instagram.

It seems he was born to play basketball, his hard work and dedication is paying him off. Moreover, Demetrius' dad is always there to support his son, and give him advice.

Who is Demetrius Calip II's Father?

Demetrius DC Calip Jr is the son of a well-known former NBA player, Demetrius Calip. His father was part of the University of Michigan Wolverines; his team was the 1989 NCAA Division I men's basketball champions.

Calip Jr's father also played in the NBA for the LA Lakers, which answers where did he get his skills from. Now since he has this immense weight to carry on his shoulder, we can see Calip working hard to not only match his father's skills but do better and make his father proud.

What is Demetrius Calip II Net Worth?

Though he is still in college basketball, Calip is making huge earning through his extraordinary skills. While official figures are not out, Demetrius is supposedly making somewhere between $40,000 - $49,000 a year. That's not the case for all college basketball players though, one must be in the NCAA Division 1 to get paid.

There was a Netflix series that discussed the history of how the NCAA came to be and defined the concept of a student-athlete to essentially get away with free labor. But that was a long time ago, and things have changed a little.

Divison 1 players, who are exceptional in their game earn a few thousand in their active season. Demetrius Calip Jr is the best player ELAC has, so he has an estimated net worth of $1.5 - $2 million as of 2022.

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