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Was Andrew Lee "Korean Prince" Shot and Robbed Near Koreatown? Official Reports Yet to Come

A man was shot and robbed near Koreatown. People assumed the victim was Andrew Lee "Korean Prince." According to Korean-American story's Instagram, Lee was named the new Crown Prince of the Imperial Family of Korea in 2018.
Posted On November 20, 2022
Andrew Lee Korean prince Instagram

Andrew Lee, an entrepreneur and crown prince of Korea, was likely shot and robbed near Koreatown, but the official reports are yet to come. Fox News reported on Saturday of the incident. According to reports, the shooting occurred around 4: 20 pm outside the luxury "Kurve" apartment complex.

People claim the person who was robbed could be Andrew Lee, or at least has ties with the crown prince of Korea. The victim drove a Rolls-Royce Phantom registered to Andrew; While he was in the area, he was shot and robbed. The robber took his Rolex watch and three metal chains.

Who could be driving a Rolls-Royce, wearing a Rolex watch? Exactly our point, too. But we are still waiting for the official reports. Andrew Lee, Korean prince, is one of the wealthiest person in the area. He is an entrepreneur known for his company, London Trust Media, a VPN service, Private Internet Access, provider.

A Very Private Man: Andrew Lee Stays Away from Social Media!

Andrew Lee has always been a private person, so likes to stay away from all the spotlights and drama. Moreover, he is so secretive about his personal life that he refrains from using Instagram or any other social media. But this is not because he is the crown prince of Korea. In fact, he learned about his heritage only after graduating college.

Andrew Lee Wife Nana Lee InstagramKorean crown prince Andrew Lee and his wife, Nana Lee, live in a $12.6 million mansion in Thousand Oaks. Korean American Instagram.

Andrew Lee's life is nothing short of K-drama. As a total geek, Lee always fancied computers and programming. Unaware of the facts of what the future beholds for him, the 38-year-old started a VPN company while he was still in college. But like a typical K-drama plot, Andrew Lee learned he was related to Yi Seok, the nominal emperor of South Korea, and everything changed afterwards.

According to Korean-American Story's Instagram, Andrew Lee was named the new Crown Prince of the Imperial Family of Korea. Yi Seok, grandson of King Gojong, was the predecessor who named Andrew as his successor at the Passing of the Sword ceremony.

Andrew Lee is the Owner of Most Expensive Mansion in the Hidden Valley Community

In 2018, the crown prince of Korea purchased the most expensive mansion in the Hidden Valley community. The 20 acre property in South California cost Lee $12.6 million at the time of purchase. When compared to today's rates, the property is valued at more than $17 million. As reported by the LA Times, Lee bought the land for a bargained price; initially it was listed at $14 million.

The French-inspired mansion has seven bedrooms and 14 bathrooms spread across 14,000 square feet. The Thousand Oaks mansion has a fountain in the front, a motor court with a few luxury vehicles, a lavish family room and a kitchen and dining room. No wonder, his mansion feels like a palace, a well-suited king style property for the prince.

The Koreatown Incident Update

Coming back to the shooting incident, the news was first reported by ABC7 news. According to reports, the victim, who is suspected to be Andrew Lee, is a man between 25 and 30 years old. Lee is 38 years old. This doesn't fit the description given by the LA Police Department, but given the victim was using a vehicle registered to Andrew, people suspect it was Lee himself.

The official report is yet to come, however, after the short altercation between the shooters and the LAPD, two male suspects ran away from the scene following the robbery and shooting just before 4:20 pm in the 2800 block of Sunset Place. The viral footage shows police outside the Kurve apartment building focusing their investigation on the rolls-royce.

The authority said the victim shot during the robbery was conscious and breathing. The man was later transported to a hospital in critical condition.

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