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Meet Prince Andrew Lee Wife, Nana Lee! Their Net Worth and Lifestyle Explored

South Korean crown prince Andrew Lee is married to his wife, Nana Lee. The couple tied the knot in 2016, and in their 7-year marriage, the prince and princess share two beautiful children. As of 2022, the couple has an estimated net worth of $140 million.
Posted On November 20, 2022
Andrew Lee Wife Nana Lee Instagram

Have you heard of the crown prince of Korea, Andrew Lee? His story is nothing short of a real life movie. He has all the reasons to be in the spotlight, but recently he is in the news for an incident at Koreatown. A man was shot and robbed; the official stated the victim was alive and conscious.

The authority refrained from disclosing the name of the victim. But given the person was in a Rolls-Royce Phantom and wearing a Rolex watch when the robbery happened, this suggests it was Prince Andrew Lee. Following the news surfaced, people have been eager to know more about the crown prince of South Korea. Here's some details of Andrew's personal life, and married life.

Who is Andrew Lee Married to? Meet Princess Nana Lee

Andrew Lee is married to his longtime girlfriend and now-wife, Nana Lee. According to reports, the couple tied the knots in 2016 after years into their relationship. The couple is now parents to two beautiful children.

Andrew Lee was named the crown prince of the Imperial Family of Korea in 2018, at the time Nana Lee was already carrying their baby girl in her hands. This indicates the couple welcomed their second child in 2017. Given the couple chooses a private life, and stays away from social media and spotlights, there aren't any images publicly available of their kids.

What is Nana Lee Net Worth in 2022?

Though Andrew Lee defies royal mannerism, he certainly enjoys living a lavish lifestyle. When it comes to his wife, Nana Lee, the 35-year-old princess is a homemaker. Don't underestimate her lifestyle just yet, because being a homemaker of a multi-million mansion is not a joke.

Prince Andrew Lee and Princess Nana Lee bought a $12.6 million mansion in Thousand Oaks in 2022 at a bargained price. The property was initially listed at $14 million. However, the couple is still the owner of the most expensive estate in the area.

Prince Andrew Lee Nana Lee Net Worth $140 millionSouth Korean crown prince Andrew Lee and his wife have an estimated net worth of $140 million as of 2022. Jessica Li Twitter.

Andrew was the former founder of Private Internet Access, a vpn service provider. His company, London Trust Media, sold the his VPN to an Isreali cybersecurity firm in late 2019 for a whopping $95.5 million. While there's no official data, it is assumed Andrew Lee and Nana Lee have an estimated net worth of $140 million as of 2022.

The Crown Prince of Korea Wants to Educate Koreans in Tech!

In an interview, Prince Andrew Lee revealed his future plans include creating a free coding schools for Koreans. He added he wants to use his privileged position to launch a $100 million start-up fund, and wishes to teach classes as well. Lee said,

"We’re in no way the imperial family of the past, we’re not like rulers, we’re soldiers that are standing on the front line with our fellow brethren. Basically, people feel like they have to be obedient, go to school, follow all the rules, join a conglomerate and then follow rules again for the rest of their lives. We believe that if we give people proper funding then they can actually take the risk to pursue an entrepreneurial."

The South Korean crown prince also promised to spend $10 million towards the funds and hopes to find like-minded investors.

Does Andrew Lee and Nana Lee Have Instagram or Social Media?

Like we mentioned earlier, Andrew Lee and Nana Lee stay away from the spotlights and social media platforms. This is not because they are part of the Imperial Royal Family, but because they have been private about their personal lives throughout their lives.

Andrew Lee and his wife, Nana Lee, were living an ordinary American life with their two children. Lee was 34 years old and Nana was 31 years old when they found out Lee was nominated as the heir and next in line for the crown by his unknown distant relative, King Yi Seok. The 83-year-old Seok promotes tourism and teaches history in South Korea. King Yi chose Andrew for his positive energy.

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