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Who is Coi Leray Boyfriend in 2021? Everything to Know About "No More Parties" Singer's Love Life

"Do Better" Singer Coi Leray is indeed in a relationship with her boyfriend... Find out more about her dating life here.
Posted On July 4, 2021
Coi Leray Boyfriend in 2021 pressa armani

Coi Leray, an American rapper from New Jersey, is the daughter of media mogul, Benzino. It's fair to say it was a little easier for her than others to start a career in the showbiz industry.

The 24-year-old American singer/songwriter started her musical career at age 14. It was written in her fate to be a showbiz star, and we suppose she had a hunch for it too. At the age of 16, the singer dropped high school only to work small jobs.

But the following year, Coi Leray released her debut single "GAN" on SoundCloud, a song inspired by the Japanese Koi fish. The song, despite the low reach, did quite well. However, her real breakthrough song came in 2018.

Coi released the new single "Huddy," and it was an instant hit, along with her mixtape, "Everythingcoz," which was a success too. And you can see, she has been doing good since then.

Well, that's a little recap of her career, but what about her dating life? Is Coi Leray dating someone? Does she have a boyfriend in 2021? Let's find out.

Coi Leray Boyfriend in 2021

Coi Leray was in a relationship, or we can call it a fling, with Blueface. As we all know, things between the two didn't last for too long, and the pair are on a different path now. We don't know about Blueface, but Coi has already found a new one.

Following her breakup with the "Respect My Cryppin'" singer, Coi is dating another rapper, Pressa Armani. The couple is dating for a while now, and it seems they are deeply in love with each other.

Often we see Coi Leray and her boyfriend posting pictures of them together on their social media profiles. The couple has been showing off their love on Instagram, displaying all kinds of PDA.

Who is Coi Leray Boyfriend, Pressa Armani?

Coi Leray's boyfriend, Pressa Armani, is a rapper, singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada. The 25-year-old 'Attachment" singer is yet to make his name big in the industry. However, he has already collaborated with big names.

Coi Leray Boyfriend in 2021 pressa armaniCoi Leray is dating her new boyfriend, Pressa Armani, following her split with ex-fling, Blueface.

In fact, Coi Leray and Pressa Armani developed affection while collaborating on "Attachment." The couple is known to have started dating following the shoot and release of the single.

Coi Leray Defends Her Boyfriend!

The love is in the air for Coi Leray and her boyfriend, Armani Pressa, but it seems loving wasn't easy. Not Pressa's fault, but the online troll won't leave them alone and make fun of the couple.

When Coi Leray started dating, she wanted to show the world her new beau, and without any hints, she uploaded a video of her and Pressa on TikTok, only to be found out later; the video was being made fun of.

Coi failed to mention, or it was intended, Pressa was her new man, and people thought otherwise. At first glimpse, fans thought Coi was with a "girl," experimenting on her relationship following a split with Blueface.

But when they found out, the person dancing with Coi was actually a man, the fans were taken by surprise, and some internet trolls started making fun of Pressa Armani, claiming he looks like a girl.

Even her ex, Blueface, reportedly joined the online bashing game with series of tweets. Blue on his Twitter account wrote, "Dat n*** look like a b***," followed by an emoji face with tears of joy!

Blue, however, later tried to explain he didn't mean to bash Armani, and the tweet was intended for some other people, but fans still believe it was directed towards Coi Leray's boyfriend.

Later, Coi came to defend her new boyfriend, Pressa Armani, and it was so adorable. But it's not just Coi who is protective in the relationship; when the internet trolled her for her weight, Armani Pressa did the same for his girlfriend.

It seems the relationship between Coi Leray and her new boyfriend, Pressa Armani, is here to last.

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