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Mandana Bolourchi Net Worth is $3M in 2022! Get to Know Her Family and Facts!

Mandana Bolourchi from Buying Beverly Hills Netflix show is a fashion influencer, interior designer, and real estate business owner. She has a $3 million net worth as of 2022, and Bolourchi is in a relationship with the LA Lakers' Patrick Beverley.
Posted On November 9, 2022
Mandana Bolourchi net worth

Mandana Bolourchi was featured in episode 3 of Buying Beverly Hills. The new Netflix series is about selling one of the luxurious properties in Beverly Hills. The show features real estate agents Sonika Vaid, Mauricio Umansky, Allie Lutz, Melissa Platt, and many more.

It's rare people want to know about clients of real estate shows like Buying Beverly Hills. We have covered a few articles about the agents, but this time we are going off the track to let you know everything we could find out about Mandana Bolourchi.

Mandana Bolourchi has put a spell on people who watched episode 3, where she appeared as one of the clients of Melissa Platt. Bolourchi was instantly famous among fans of the show for her glamorous lifestyle, and the amount of wealth she has. But how rich is she really?

How Rich is Mandana Bolourchi from Buying Beverly Hills? Her Net Worth and Career Explored!

Buying Beverly Hills is one of the new Netflix series. The show was released on November 4, 2022. The show contains eight episodes, but episode 3 featured someone special. When one of the realtors of "The Agency,", Melissa Platt, shows around a luxury property to her client, Mandana, all eyes get locked at Bolourchi.

There's something special about her. She knows her ways to captivate people's attention. Her style, and expensive lifestyle had everyone asking the same question! Who is she really? Mandana Bolourchi is a lifestyle influencer, interior designer, and a realtor herself.

Mandana Bolourchi net worthMandana Bolourchi boasts a whopping $3 million in net worth as of 2022. She earns from her multiple careers as a fashion influencer, interior designer, and realtor. Bolourchi's Instagram Post.

Bolourchi is from Dubai and runs a real estate company in the UAE. However, after moving to LA, she wanted a new fab property for herself, so she took help from one of the finest in the game, Mauricio Umansky's real estate agency, "The Agency."

With immense success in her multiple careers, Mandana Bolourchi has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2022.

Mandana's Road to Success Was Not Easy!

Mandana Bolourchi was born in Tehran, Iran. When she was a kid, her parents moved to Dubai and settled there. As a child, she developed a passion for music and arts, which led her to learn sketching designs for her doll, landscapes and buildings. As she grew up, she also loved traveling, which helped

Her childhood passion has stayed with her still and has helped shape her career. Mandana loves to share her knowledge that she has learned all these years through social media. She has over 552K followers on Instagram, and her Insta profile says she is an "entrepreneur."

But being successful comes with a price. Mandana revealed she was constantly under the shadow of men. Though her father was supportive of her career choices, there were times when their interests contrasted. So, Bolourchi decided to move to the US, and now runs a self-titled fashion business in LA.

The 28-year-old fashion influencer, who is also a philanthropist, glam queen, Rolls Royce Collector, and fashion expert, is now living a fabulous life in Beverly Hills with her boyfriend. Did we mention she is dating a top NBA player?

Mandana Bolourchi is in a relationship with the LA Lakers' Patrick Beverley. Mandana and Patrick have been dating for almost a year now.

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