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Who is Rick Ness Girlfriend in 2021? Here's the Real Truth About "Gold Rush" Star's Relationship

There's so much to learn about your favorite Gold Rush star, including his relationship, find out everything here...
Posted On August 5, 2021
rick ness girlfriend 2021 leese m arie

Rick Ness is Known for his appearance on the American reality series Gold Rush, a Discovery+ show about gold mining; the show is a massive hit on the American reality TV show world.

Rick started his television career in the year 2012, he joined the Parker Schabel-led team of Gold Rush, but people already knew he had this charisma to run independently.

In season 9 of Gold Rush, Rick started his independent mining team, and he hasn't looked back since. The reality TV star has a lot under his sleeve, and there's so much to know about him. We have come up with some exciting facts about the star, and we will discuss just that, including his relationship status. Here we go.

Rick Ness Girlfriend in 2021?

Rick Ness was a married man, the viewers of the show know the 40-year-old reality TV star was married to his former wife, Jen Ness, but the former couple has parted ways.

Following his split from his former wife, Jen, the 40-year-old reality TV star is in a blissful relationship with his new girlfriend, Leese M Arie, or she likes to pronounce Leese Marie. The couple recently went public about their relationship, but the going public hasn't been a pleasant experience for them.

Rick Ness and his girlfriend faced a significant backlash, or we can say, body-shaming and online trolls that were enough to ruin their good day. But later, Rick Ness took to his social media profile to shut down those online bullies.

Rick Ness Girlfriend is Likely to Appear in Season 12 of Gold Rush

The mining team is probably recruiting another team member in the upcoming season of Gold Rush. Some resources claim Rick Ness girlfriend will likely appear on the show.

rick ness girlfriend 2021 leese m arieRick Ness is dating his new girlfriend, Leese Marie, in 2021, following his split with Jen Ness. (Rick Ness/Facebook)

This statement alone answers two of the big questions if Rick Ness is returning in season 12 of Gold Rush and bringing his new girlfriend to the team. The answer is, indeed, Yes to both questions.

A Reddit sub is pretty much sure the things will pan out that way. Redditor posted a picture of Leese M Arie from her FB page, which is now deleted, that read, "I'm excited to announce that Rick asked me to......... be his slave for the summer, and I said yes!." followed by a bunch of emojis.

Guess that says a lot; we will see Rick Ness girlfriend on the show.

Who is Rick Ness Girlfriend, Leese M Arie?

Not much is known about Rick Ness girlfriend, but we can assume from her public profile that she is from Wisconsin. One thing is for sure; Rick now has one devoted girlfriend.

Will she be driving big trucks to help her man? We are not sure about what her involvement will be about, but we can bet the show will be a lot of fun.

Some Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts about Rick Ness would be his twin brother that not all his fans know about. Ness has a twin brother, not identical, but the brothers share a close relationship.

Rick Ness and his twin brother, Randy Ness, were born on March 5, 1981, in Escanaba, Michigan, to their parents, Richard Ness and Judy Marie Bedard.

Rick lost his mother to brain cancer in 2018. The reality TV star dealt a heartbreaking loss on March 20, the same month as his birthday. Rick took to Twitter to announce the news of his mother's death.

Coming back to 2020, Rick even tweeted about running for president 2020, which we thought was a joke as he never spoke about running for the president again.

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