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Ruby Matthews Actress Mimi Keene Didn't Undergo a Surgery as Many Fans Suspect; She is Au Natural

Ruby Matthews actress Mimi Keene didn't have plastic surgery, as far as we know. The 23-year-old British actress was accused of going under the knife, but that's a lie.
Posted On September 20, 2021
ruby matthews actress mimi keene plastic surgery

Mimi Keene, a British actress of Italian descent, is known as Ruby Matthews on Netflix's comedy-drama series, "Sex Education," created by Laurie Nunn. The show was recently renewed for season 3 in September.

After the show's third season, Mimi Keene's character, Ruby, is one of the most prominent people in the show. The leader of "The Untouchable," which comprises of most popular students of Moordale Secondary School, Ruby Matthews, has managed to pull the crowd towards herself, in real life too.

Sex Education is a massive success worldwide; people who watch the show are huge fans of Mimi Keene and the recent development in the series that led Asa Butterfield's character, Otis Milburn, and Ruby's intimate scene. That's what fans wanted to see.

Otis is Ruby's biggest crush so far, and after they end up in a bed, people love what happened between the two. Coming back to Mimi Keene, as you can see, she is a massive success after the show, so it's obvious people will notice even the slightest change in the 23-year-old actress. Some fans are assuming she had have plastic surgery, but is it true?

Mimi Keene breast implants
From her "EastEnders" day to "Sex Education," we didn't notice any changes on Mimi Keene except for a slight change in her bosom sizes. (The Tab)

Mimi Keene didn't have plastic surgery, as far as we know. The 23-year-old British actress was accused of going under the knife following her appearance on season 3 of Netflix's show, Sex Education. But Ruby Matthews actress has never admitted nor confirmed the rumors.

People accused Mimi Keene of going under the knife for breasts implants, while experts believe it's all-natural. On the recent installment of the show, she might have a larger bosom than before, but that's normal growth.

According to experts, breasts development begins at the age of eight and 13 and is fully developed at age 17 to 18, but in some cases, girls can continue to grow into their early twenties. And, if we look at Mimi Keene's breast, there's no significant growth, some slight changes that people still managed to notice.

There are other ways to make your breasts look bigger, and pushup bras are one of them. So, it's still pointless to say Mimi Keene has had plastic surgery. However, fans are pointing some changes on Mimi's face as well. A small botox or lip enhancement surgery is what they suspect. But again, people are speculating without any solid evidence. So, in conclusion, Mimi Keene Didn't have plastic surgery nor any cosmetic enhancement, for that matter.

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