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Meet Brianna Giscombe from Too Hot to Handle: Her Instagram, Age & Story Explored in 2022

Brianna Giscombe is on Instagram. She can be found through her official handle, "@bri.giscombe." Brianna from Too Hot to Handle Season 3 is a beautician, care specialist and entrepreneur.
Posted On January 20, 2022
brianna too hot to handle instagram (brianna giscombe)

Brianna Giscombe is one of the new contestants of Too Hot to Handle Season 3. Before you proceed, this article may contain some spoilers. Netflix's new reality dating show, "Too Hot to Handle," is full of surprises this year. The show introduced five new contestants to the season; The new faces were  Olga Bednarksa, Obi Nnadi, Jackson Mawhinney, Gerrie Labuschagne, and of course, Brianna.

The original Too Hot to Handle Season 3 contestants that were introduced on the first episode of the show were Beaux Raymond, Georgia Hassarati, Harry Johnson, Holly Scarfone, Izzy Fairthorne, Jaz Holloway, Nathan Soan Mngomezulu, Patrick Mullen, Stevan Ditter, and Truth DuVan.

This season, as mentioned earlier, is full of surprises and people in the not-so "Pleasure Island," have to abstain from any kind of intimacy, including kissing or cuddling, let alone going any further. But people were way too rebellious than "Lana" anticipated, and the first rule was broken within the 10 minutes after the rules were laid out to the contestants.

The first ones to break the rules were Georgia and Izzy; yes, two girls first kissed and broke the rules. However, they paid their price after Lana fined them $3000 for breaking the rules. Well, you will be surprised to find out who broke the most rules on the island; indeed, it was Holly and Nathan.

Unfortunately, halfway through the season, we had to say goodbye to Jaz and Truth as they couldn't find the "True connection" with anyone on the island. However, Truth got expelled for his "player" behavior too. Nevertheless, the fun didn't stop as five new contestants joined the show. So, let's find out about one of the new contestants, Brianna from Too Hot to Handle!

Brianna Giscombe from Too Hot to Handle!

Brianna Giscombe didn't waste time; she got into action right away, and was it was a pure joy to see her join the show. The girls couldn't get any more envious of her body; as soon she stepped foot on the island, the first word of the girls was, "she looks too fit!" It was not just boys who fell for her; girls loved her energy, too.

However, it was a bit of worry for Holly; Holly had a competitor when she was about to build something meaningful with Nathan. As she said on the show, Brianna likes extremely tall guys with pretty faces and nice smiles, and Nathan matched the description perfectly.

brianna too hot to handle instagram (brianna giscombe)Brianna Giscombe is on Instagram. She can be found through her official handle, "@bri.giscombe." Brianna from Too Hot to Handle Season 3 is a beautician, care specialist and entrepreneur. (Brianna Too Hot to Handle Instagram)

Holly tried to defend her beau, but Brianna was in no mood to ruin her fun over some pep talk she did while on the beach. When Brianna Giscombe saw Nathan for the first time, her reaction was like, "Nathan was so off-limits, it's almost like a cookie and you can't eat it," because of the rules, of course, but Brianna admitted, "I might just take a bite."

For sure, Holly's plan backfired! If you haven't watched the show already, you should definitely go check it out. You will find more about Brianna on the show itself, but let's know more about Brianna, what she does, and where she is from.

Brianna Too Hot to Handle Instagram!

Brianna from Too Hot to Handle is on Instagram. She can be found through her official handle, "@bri.giscombe." Despite being a successful makeup artist, esthetician, and beautician, she has only over 8K followers on her Instagram; However, we expect the number will increase quite too soon for her.

You can find Brianna on all other major social media platforms like TikTok (@briannagiscombe) and Twitter (@BriannaGiscombe), but it seems she just started and has only a few followers.

Brianna from Too Hot to Handle (Her Age and Facts)

Brianna from Too Hot to Handle (full name Brianna Giscombe) is from Connecticut, Bay Area and Los Angeles. The season 3 new contestant works as a beautician and has a YouTube channel of her own. The channel, created to share beauty tips, has only one video so far, but her entrance on the reality dating show could turn her life around, and who knows, she could be the next big YouTuber.

Brianna mentions that she is 26 years old in 2022; the certified beautician and cosmetic care specialist, Brianna Giscombe, is the owner of Embellish Me By Bri. Her company is based in San Fransisco, Bay Area, and Los Angeles. She is so successful; It seems she doesn't care at all about the prize money.

Well, her business endeavors don't stop there; Brianna from Too Hot to Handle is a former host of the "Tapped in With IAMSU!" podcast in 2019. She worked for Tom Ford Beauty as a cosmetics manager from 2019 to 2020. Well, the list just goes on, but here's what you should know, she served cocktails at Temple Nightclub, too, and was a sales representative for MAC Cosmetics.

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