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Maddy Brum Has a Complicated Relationship with Her Dad and Mom! Here's Why

Cheer star Maddy Brum revealed her mom and dad didn't share the best relationship; at one point, when Maddy was still a kid, her father was in prison for rape.
Posted On January 18, 2022
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Maddy Brum is the star of the Netflix series "Cheer." Season 2 of Cheer premiered on January 12, 2022, introducing us to several new stars. Maddy was one of the new cast of the docuseries.

The rookie flyer, Maddy Brum, has really impressive stunts and lifts, but she seems a little shy when she is not on the mat. As the show progressed, we got to know more about Maddy and found some personal details of her as well.

Maddy Brum has been cheering for a long time now; as she said it herself, "I am made for cheerleading,"  Navarro's new breakout star said cheerleading seemed natural for her and started young and has continued ever since.

While we learned so many good things about Maddy, she also had her share of downs. As we learned more about Navarro's new star, we found she had a difficult upbringing, and her father was a convicted felon.

Who are Maddy Brum's Dad and Mom?

Maddy Brum's parents are Nicole Otis and George Brum; In one of the episodes, the new Navarro star revealed her mom and dad didn't share the best relationship; at one point, when Maddy Brum was still a kid, her father was convicted for several charges.

According to the reports, Maddy Brum's dad, George Brum, was in prison; George, who also goes by the name "Barry Brodeur," was found guilty on three counts of severe sexual harassment and one act of misdemeanor sexual abuse.

maddy brum dad maddy braun dadMaddy Brum's dad, George Brum, was in prison for rape, and her mother, Nicole Otis, also served jailtime ffor trying to steal a license plate from someone's car. (Maddy's Instagram)

While Maddy Brum's dad was in prison, Navarro's cheerleader revealed her mom, Nicole Otis, was also arrested outside Maddy's school for trying to steal a license plate from someone's car. In short, Maddy isn't blessed with the parents she actually deserves.

Maddy's mom also sat in an interview with the filmmaker and revealed,

"We lived literally paycheck to paycheck just to eat and have a roof over our heads. Maddy wanted to join an all-star cheerleading team but there was just no reasonable way it would be okay because I couldn’t provide that."

Since Maddy was destined to be a cheerleader, an all-star gym, ECE, gave Maddy a scholarship so she could get next-level training without having to pay a ton. ECE gym owner Cassie Bienvenue said, "Maddy didn't have a lot of parental supervision or care, she needed some."

Maddy Brum Now Cheer With the CA WildCats

Maddy Brum is no longer cheerleading with Navarro, she announced her departure in November 2021 on her Instagram. In her post, she wrote, "I will miss my times at tiger field, go bulldogs always."

Following her departure from Navarro, Maddy Brum joined all-star team, CA Wildcats. She often posts pictures flaunting the Wilcats dress on her Instagram. You can find on Insta through the handle @maddybrum.

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