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Mike Holmes' Girlfriend in 2021: "Holmes for the Holidays" Star is Dating Anna Zappia! His Relationship Explored

Mike Holmes has been dating his girlfriend for over 20 years now. After two decades, the romance is still alive, but the couple is yet to tie the knots.
Posted On December 19, 2021
mike holmes girlfriend anna zappia age

Mike Holmes is a Canadian contractor, investor, and philanthropist known for his numerous television shows appearances. The Canadian builder worked on "Holmes on Homes," "Homes in New Orleans," Holmes Inspection," "Best of Holmes on Homes," "Home Make it Right," and many more.

Recently, the 58-year-old has a new HGTV show, "Holmes for the Holidays." Mike Holmes appears on the show with his two kids, Sherry Holmes and Mike Holmes, Jr. The new show, which is on its third season, has 14 episodes. The show is about how Holmes helps a couple abandoned by their contractor by getting their house ready for Christmas.

This time, it's a little different, the father-daughter-son trio will compete with one another to put their respective construction and design skills to the test, and Uncle Billy will decide the winner. The show is also available on DiscoveryPlus for the stream.

In this friendly competition, Mike Holmes, Sr. will, of course, get immense support from his girlfriend, Anna Zappia. So, who is she? What does she do? Here's what we know so far.

Who is Mike Holmes' Girlfriend, Anna Zappia?

Mike Holmes has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Anna Zappia, for over two decades now. The couple started dating following Mike's divorce with his former wife, Alexandra Lorex. After 20 years, Mike and Zappia still keep the romance alive; however, they have not yet tied knots.

mike holmes girlfriend anna zappia age(Left: Mike Holmes, Right: Anna Zappia) Mike Holmes is in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Anna Zappia. Anna Zappia, 49, is an Appellate Chair at the Zappia Law Firm. (Mikes' Instagram)

Mike Holmes' girlfriend, Anna Zappia, was born in the States; after her short career as a model, the 49-year-old started her law firm and currently serves as Appellate Chair.

Anna Zappia, 49, has over 25 years of experience; she specializes in a wide range of cases involving wrongful termination, harassment, racial, age, and pregnancy discrimination. Anna is doing pretty well in her career; as of 2021,  Anna Zappia has an estimated net worth of over $30 million.

Mike Holmes' Divorce with His Former Wife, Alexandra Lorex

The Canadian contractor married his former wife, Alexandra Lorex, in 1982. At the time of his marriage, Mike was just 19 years old. As the reports suggest, Mike and Alexandra Lorex had a happy married life, and the former couple also shares three children, Amanda Holmes, Sherry Holmes, and Mike Holmes Jr.

Unfortunately, something worrying happened that eventually broke Mike's marriage with Lorex. The economic recession in th early 90s hit Holmes' work and businesses, which caused problems at home. The economic crisis led Mike and Alexandra to part ways.

Following the divorce, Mike Holmes started dating Anna Zappia; he says she was and still is his rock. Anna helped Mike get through the difficult time in the 90s and never left his side. And even Holmes' three kids stayed with their father and helped him rebuild his business.

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