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Get to Know Fboy Island's Mikey D, Michael Dakessian: His Girlfriend, Instagram, and Facts Explored in 2022!

Michael Dakessian, aka Mikey D, is out of the show, "Fboy Island," after episode 3. The martial artist revealed he has a girlfriend outside of the show. As of now, he has some 22K followers on Instagram, but he has not disclosed his girlfriend's name yet.
Posted On July 20, 2022
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Michael Dakessian, aka Mikey D, was one of the contestants of HBO Max's "Fboy Island" Season 2. Season 1 of the show aired on July 29, 2021; after its success, the reality dating series made its comeback on July 14, 2022. Fboy Island season 2 was more well-received than its previous season.

The show format is easy; 24 men join three ladies, and they have to choose the one they find suiting. But here's the twist, half of the men are nice, while the other half are Fboys (in other words, F**k Boys). This time, there were 26 men, 13 nice and other self-proclaimed Fboys. Before we go any further, here's the thing, this article might contain some spoilers, so read with caution.

Michael Dakessian, aka Mikey D, is one of the nice guys, and he was on the show to find his girlfriend, or should we say his true love! From the very beginning of the show, Mikey starts to feel for Tamaris Sepulveda. It seems the stars were not aligned for him yet as Michael was out of the show too early.

But wait, there's a clear reason why he got eliminated in episode 3, one of Michael's friends on the show, Nicky P, blew his cover and also revealed Mikey has a girlfriend outside the display. Michael refused all the allegations while he was still on the show, but as he was eliminated, Howell resident revealed he has a girlfriend.

Michael Dakessian, who appeared on the show as "Mikey D," hates when someone calls him "Mikey." He revealed this when he finally got a chance to have a one-on-one conversation with Tamaris. Instead of trying to win her heart, Michael tried to explain why he hates when someone calls him "Mikey." That was also one reason Tamaris eliminated her.

michael dakessian girlfriendMikey D from Fboy Island revealed he has a girlfriend. (Mikey D Instagram)

It seems that Michael was not on the show to find a meaningful connection; he was there to win the cash prize. Moreover, Mikey D already has a girlfriend, so he sure doesn't need another one.

Who is Mikey D Girlfriend?

After the elimination, Michael Dakessian revealed he has a girlfriend; however, he has not disclosed his girlfriend's name yet. When asked if Mikey D's girlfriend was okay with him being on the show, he said, "yeah!."

The host of the show and other girls asked him if Mikey D's girlfriend knew that he had been actively pursuing three women?; Michael replied, "Yeah." He added, "We are going to go to Paris after this." Well, that was his time on the show, but who is Michael Dakessian, aka Mikey D, outside the show?

Michael Dekessian is Martial Artist

Michael Dakessian is a martial artist from Howell, New Jersey; he is a black belt in jiu-jitsu and trains people. Moreover, he is also a gym freak and competed as an MMA fighter. After the show, Mikey D is busy with his regular fitness and lifestyle routine.

If you have already watched the show, you probably know him better; though he was born and raised in Howell, New Jersey, Mikey D takes pride in his Armenian roots. In fact, he was offended when Tamaris assumed him to be an Italian.

Mikey D's Instagram and TikTok

Michael Dakessian is already big on social media; thanks to his appearance on the hit HBO show, Fboy Island, Mikey D now boasts 21.5K followers on his Instagram account. On TikTok, the numbers are insane.

Mikey has over 316.9K followers on TikTok and is famous for his lifestyle and gym videos. He also shares videos with his family and friends. Well, not surprisingly, Mikey has content for his adult fans as well on OnlyFans.

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