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Phil Torres Wife in 2021: Is Expedition X Star Married? Here's Everything You Should Know

Phil Torres is happily married to Silja Danielsen; Phill met his lovely wife through one of their mutual scientist friends. In 2018, the couple tied the knots.
Posted On November 1, 2021
phil torres wife silja danielsen 2021

The 35-year-old Phil Torres is a well-known American scientist, biologist, television host, photographer, and explorer. He graduated from Cornell University with degrees in entomology and biology after that doing Ph.D. from rice university.

Phil Torres began his career working in the Amazon rainforest on educational projects and exhibitions for two years. In 2012, Expedition X star began appearing on television networks such as Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel.

Phil Torres is currently an investigator on the Discovery series Expedition X. He and his partner in crime, Jessica Chobot, with Jose Gates, investigate reports of supernatural encounters, mysterious creatures, and astonishing extraterrestrial phenomena.

Is Phil Torres Dating Jessica Chobot?

People love watching Chobot and Phil as they investigate strange happening and legends. Besides that, they show a bit of respect for each other's viewpoint .as we love watching them, some of us can get confused and curious at the same time that if they are a real couple outside, maybe they're married.

Few people might know that they both are married; Jessica tied the knots to her husband, Blair Herter, while Phil is happily married to Silja Danielsen. Let's find out more about his wife, Silja.

Who is Phil Torres' Wife, Silja Danielsen?

Phill met his lovely wife through one of their mutual scientist friends. On September 23, 2018, their friendship turned into a beautiful marriage. Silja Danielsen is a Norwegian and a New York-based model. she expressed herself in many interviews how she loves to travel and take pictures besides modeling.

phil torres wife silja danielsen 2021Phil Torres is married to his girlfriend, Silja Danielsen. The couple tied the knots on September 28, 2018.
(Silja Danielsen's Instagram)

We can see a bit of her lifestyle on her social media. How much a food lover she is and how she loves to bake. On the other hand, despite being a scientist, Phill doesnt hesitate to help his wife out in anything, whether its a cooking, taking a picture of her food. Both are amazingly good at how they respect and love each other passionately. Apparently, Phil and Silja don't have any children.

Phil Torres and His Wife, Silja, are Explorer IRL Too!

Phil Torres and his wife, Silja Danielsen, are explorers in real life, too; the couple enjoys traveling, and it's apparent from their social media posts. Phil and Silja often make posts about "hitting a road." the latest post of Danielsen shows the couple having fun. She added a caption that reads, "On the road again with my ❤️ This is what I picture when I ask [Phil Toress] if he can just bring me as his 'luggage' on his work adventures ? shot by @johnschell ✨."

On the other post, she added, "Happiest when we are traveling and eating meals together ❤️❤️." The couple knows how to have fun. By the way, Phil Torres and Silja Danielsen recently celebrated their third anniversary. Phil Torres' wife posted a photo of their wedding, she wrote, "Forever and ever yours @phil_torres Happy 3 years my love ❤️."

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