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Mike Chen Marries His Girlfriend, Christine! Internet Had No Idea About His Relationship

Mikey Chen married his longtime girlfriend, Christine. Some believe that the couple got back together after a break and decided to get hitched!
Posted On October 23, 2021
Mike Chen girlfriend christine

Mikey Chen, aka Strictly Dumpling, aka Mike Chen, is married now! The YouTube food vlogger recently took to his Instagram account to flaunt his wedding ring; however, there's a twist to this plot.

Mikey Chen uploaded a picture with him showing the wedding ring, but the fans of the YouTuber are curious, or should we just say, bummed, the 36-year-old is yet secretive about his significant other.

Thanks to our reader, "New Challenges," who reached us with the update about Chen's wedding. Previously, we covered an article about Mikey Chen's relationship with the conclusion he was single. He was, but not anymore.

Who is Mike Chen Wife: Who Did the YouTuber Marry?

Mikey Chen Married his longtime girlfriend, Christine. The YouTuber is yet to confirm and reveal his wife's name, but from what we saw from his social profiles, his close friends congratulated him and Christine after Mike uploaded a picture from his wedding day.

It seems, from what we observed, Mike Chen and his girlfriend were taking a break and got back together again recently. There was a time when he completely stopped talking about his girlfriend, but recently, when he moved to Texas, Mike mentioned he "is in a relationship."

mike chen wedding married his girlfriendMike Chen Flaunts his wedding ring! (Instagram)

The last time Mike Chen mentioned his girlfriend was in a food vlog named "Trying ENTIRE BURGER MENU at Whataburger!" During the first part of the video Mikey Chen says, "Good Morning, it's Mike Chen here in Dallas Texas. This is actually my last day in Texas for a little bit. Many of you guys know, I am with relationship."

"Is that how you say it? And she does not live in Texas so I'll be spending some time with her. So a lot of things happening this year that I really didn't expect. I didn't get to spend as much time in Texas as I wanted to and I figured my last I got to eat stuff that I can't get anywhere else and that's this right here," Strictly Dumpling star adds while entering the main entrance of Whataburger.

Well, as you can see, there are a couple of things that we can imply from this part alone. Mikey Chen said, "There are a lot of things happening this year that I really didn't expect," from which we can guess the YouTuber got back with his girlfriend, Christine, and since the marriage plan was there too.

Why Do We Think Mike Chen and Christine are Back Together After a Break?

There's a reason why we think Mike Chen and his girlfriend were on a break and got back again recently. First off, the YouTuber previously said he was single, but in his recent videos, Mikey said he is in a relationship! Moreover, the YouTuber recently followed her account too!

We will reveal everything; we have Christine's picture, and we think you would love to see her. However, we believe there's a reason why Mikey is not sure if he should show the picture from his wedding day, or his girlfriend's for that matter.

Why is Mike Chen Still Secretive About His Wife?

Like we mentioned earlier, one of our readers reached out to us about Mike Chen's wedding. However, the reader was skeptical about why he is still secretive about his wife and personal life.

The reader wrote, "Just an observation. The wedding pic with him alone on his Instagram was even more questionable. I know he said one will be posted later but clear shot or not. His pic came out clear so it's questionable."

I think it's changing the viewing experience in watching the videos as the woman's voice in the background eating but hiding behind the lens takes away from the authenticity and beginning to question if Mike is being taken advantage of. Just saying," the reader added.

mike chen wife christineMeet Christine, Mike Chen's Wife

We believe that we are all aware of Nigel Ng, aka Uncle Roger, and Mike Chen's collaboration back in January of 2021. The UK-based Malaysian comedian Nigel uploaded a video titled "Uncle Roger Reviews Ugliest Dumpling Ever" featuring Mike Chen.

But after a day of its upload, the video was taken down by the comedian following receiving a major backlash from the Chinese community. The reason, Mike Chen has always been outspoken about his feelings towards CCP. The YouTuber has criticized the Chinese Government's policies and human rights records.

Mike Chen, moreover, has been associated with Falun Gong, a spiritual movement banned by the Chinese Government. The followers are peaceful, law-abiding groups. However, the CCP treats them as an "evil cult."

It seems Nigel Ng has a huge fan following from China, and most Chinese people in China don't like Mikey. Ng was accused of self-censoring for the sake of Chinese fans. Following the controversy, Mike said, "I have always said that I love China, and I love the kind-hearted Chinese people. They are my people. The CCP, however, is not China and certainly should not be equated to the Chinese people."

But, what's all these has got to do with Christine, you ask! Well, here's the thing. From what we know, Mikey Chen's girlfriend is of Chinese descent, and her parents still frequent their home country; that could be why they are still afraid to show themselves with Mike!

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