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Nashville School Shooter, Audrey Hale, was a Transgender From Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville

28-year-old transgender, Audrey Hale, aka Audrey Elizabeth Hale, from Nashville killed six people at The Covenant School on Monday. Police Chief John Drake says, "there was some resentment for having to go to that school."
Posted On March 28, 2023
Audrey Hale Nashville Shooter. (linkedin)

Six people died in a shooting at a private Presbyterian school in Nashville, TN. The new updates on the incident suggest three children and three adults were killed in the shooting. The police report says the person who opened fire and killed six people was Audrey Hale.

Audrey Hale from Old Hickory Blvd was a 28-year-old transgender; he was killed by police on Monday morning; Police Chief John Drake said it appeared Hale's action was a result of some resentment for having to go to The Covenant School.

Though Audrey Hale was identified as transgender, Police referred him to him as a woman; Following the reports came out, we found out that Audrey had listed "He/Him" pronouns on his social media profiles.

Police Chief Drake said, "We have also determined there were maps drawn of the school in detail of surveilance. We know and believe that entry was gained through shooting through one of the doors."

Drake added, "Our investigations tell us that she was a former student at the school. There were two weapons, one handgun another was a AR-style pistol, which were obtained legally locally here. We have a manifesto, some writings that we are going over that pertain to this day, the actual incident."

According to Drake, Audrey had been planning this for a while, the maps and manifesto suggest. Also, this is where Police Chief suspects this was the result of some resentment that Audrey had for going to that school.

So, Who Was Audrey Hale Really?

Audrey Hale, as we mentioned earlier, was a 28-year-old illustrator and graphic designer who graduated from Nossi College of Art. As a kid, Hale attended The Covenant School in Nashville. However, it's not clear what grades he attended.

Audrey Elizabeth Hale was a transgender. Instagram.Nashville Shooter: Audrey Hale, aka Audrey Elizabeth Hale, was a former student at The Covenant School. (Instagram)

According to Audrey Hale's Instagram and Linkedin profiles, he'd been doing logo and graphic designs for local businesses. Also, it seems he was a freelancer.

On Monday, March 27, 2023, Audrey Hale killed six people, three children and three adults. The victims were identified as Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs and William Kinney. All three children were 9-year-olds. Three adults named Cynthia Peak, 61, Katherine Koonce, 60, and Mike Hill 61 were also killed in the shooting.

According to New York Post, Hale posted a video that showed a person in a shadow, bouncing a basketball and then a basketball net. As the camera pans towards the sky, it displays, "for Syd. I look up the sky is bright. It's a beautiful day. I wish you were here..."

You won't find those videos online anymore as all of Audrey's social media accounts have been disabled following the incident. While there are a few speculations about why Hale did it, but clear motive is yet to be found out.

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