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Who is Fred Lewis' Wife? Meet Khara Lewis From Gold Rush; All the Facts You Need to Know!

Khara Lewis (also Kara Lewis) from Gold Rush is the wife of Fred Lewis. The couple has been married for over 15 years now and is the parents of three children.
Posted On November 29, 2021
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Khara Lewis (also Kara Lewis) is the wife of Fred Lewis, one of the cast members of Discovery Channel's show, Gold Rush. If you don't know Fred, let's get to know him first. The Gold Rush cast member is an army veteran. Born in Dresden Mills, Maine, in 1977, the 42-year-old joined the US Army after completing high school.

As a Medical Sergeant, Fred traveled the world working in several high-stress situations and got to exchange different cultures and learn new languages while at work. Unluckily, while he was at the field, he got shot in the helmet with a sniper, leaving him with multiple seizures and short-term memory loss.

Fred, after the incident, is alive; however, he lost touch with the world, not knowing what to do next in his life. Lewis' brother, Mike, encouraged him to try different things, including farming, but his heart was elsewhere; he just didn't know where not until he found the new passion of gold mining.

Gold Rush came to the rescue for Fred Lewis, and the more he learned about the gold mining, he started to soak in; Now, Lewis has recruited x-army members in his team and is ready to go any miles for his new venture of finding gold. So, that was about Lewis; let's find out about his wife now.

Fred Lewis' Wife Khara Lewis on Gold Rush

Even if you don't know about Fred Lewis' wife, you probably know Kara Lewis is the most supportive wife one could ever get, and fans of "Gold Rush" already know about it. Khara Lewis is always there to help her husband whenever he needs help.

kara lewis gold rush fred lewis wife Khara LewisMeet Khara Lewis from Gold Rush, wife of Fred Lewis. The couple has been married for over 15 years and is the parents of three children. (Khara Lewis' Instagram)

Since we are here to know more about her, according to some reports, Khara Lewis is a former psychological operations specialist, as listed on her Facebook profile. Kara Lewis and Fred have been married for more than 15 years now and are parents to three children, Emma Lewis, Chris Parker and Gabby Lewis.

Interesting fact: Chris recently joined the team, Fred, on Gold Rush and already going places with handling rocks and backing up curvy, muddy, steep hills. Way to go, Parker! Apart from the children, Khara Lewis and her husband, Fred Lewis, are also parents to three dogs and a cat. Now that makes the family whole, isn't it?

Will Khara Lewis Daughters, Emma Lewis and Gabby Lewis Join Gold Rush Too?

As of now, it's not confirmed; Gabby Lewis recently completed her high school, while Emma is still in high school. Gabby was in the cheerleader group, and it seems Emma is following her path in high school as well.

Although she is already over 18, Gabby hasn't any immediate plans to join Gold Rush, while Emma, on the other hand, just joined the high school in 2021. Guess we will have to wait before she decides what she wants in her life.

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